Corey Ashton’s Success Story

Corey Ashton’s Success Story

When Corey Ashton, now know as Georgie, entered his adoptive home, he promptly grabbed a bone and took his spot on the couch, earning him the title “Prince Georgie?”

To say this golden prince rules the roost is an understatement. Why? Because he’s as large in LOVE as he is in size. A gentle giant who’s the ultimate “velcro” dog, Georgie thrives on cuddling and snuggling with his parents, unabashedly jumping into their laps even if they’re seated in armchairs, and nudging their hands should they dare to stop petting him before he’s completely satisfied.

Always tender towards his older doggy sister Gracie, and best friends with Batcat the resident kitty, he’s equally tender towards his parents’ many nieces and nephews. And yet … Georgie adorably “demands” attention in the form of pets from everyone he meets, be it on a walk, in a restaurant, or inside the front door when guests arrive. And he’s notoriously mischievous, know for stealing anything and everything with a self-satisfied gleam in his eye!

Over the moon about being outdoors, Georgie loves taking long walks on the beach at sunset and digging in the sand to find crabs. He also loves lying down at the shoreline, having the waves brush over his long body, and swimming in the ocean. Not to mention swimming in his family’s pool as if he weren’t a dog but a fish.

Of his various toys, his “oinky pig” is his favorite. Given his tendency to tear it apart to remove the squeaker, his parents just give him new ones when the old ones are destroyed. Always up for adventure, Georgie enjoys going on road trips to visit his family’s relatives as well as traveling to their beach house with Gracie and Batcat, where he’s always the center of attention when the nieces and nephews arrive.

Despite his title, Prince Georgie is affectionately nicknamed “Teefers” because of the cute way he sleeps: lying on his back with his paws in the air and his lips hanging over his teeth, like a huge, contented smile.


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