Angel Abbie’s Success Story

Angel Abbie’s Success Story

Angel added a special sweetness to the lives of her adoring adopters the moment they met.


True to her name, Angel brightens up their days and makes them happier than they’ve ever been. Typically, she’s with her mom in her office most of the day. On Thursdays, she rides in the car with her to drop their seven-year-old daughter off at school. In fact, she always knows when it’s Thursday and is extremely eager to leave the house.


Adorably affectionate, she not only approaches her parents for the belly rubs and pets she loves with a nudge of her nose, she gives a very excited tail whap whenever she sees their daughter each morning. And no wonder! She LOVES lying on Angel and playing with her.

A kind and sensitive soul who loves EVERYONE, she assumes that each time the doorbell rings, someone’s there to see her. One of her favorite activities is going for walks, walking wonderfully on leash, listening well, and only barking when she’s startled by the pool man. Every now and then, the retriever side of her emerges, especially when they walk around the pond. There’s one corner where the birds are, and she can’t wait to arrive at that area and see if they’re there.


Having never truly learned how to “be a goofy dog,” however, Angel doesn’t play/fetch much with squeaky toys, although she will occasionally play with balls and rope toys.  

In cooler weather, her parents sometimes take her to the park, and at Christmas, she accompanied the family, of course, to her mom’s parents’ house, a 50-minute ride from them. Being as sensitive as she is, Angel feels safer and more relaxed having a dog sitter stay with her whenever her family goes away. And yet … she often surprises them by getting the zoomies, running around like a silly dog upstairs or outside.


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