Shadow comes full circle!

How a foster found her forever dog

**  Shadow’s original bio, published in July, 2021 was done by our GRRMF Media writer Lyn Holliday.  Two years later when Shadow was returned after his owner passed, Lyn (having moved to foster coordinator) begged to write his story.  Lyn passed within weeks of writing this.  

Hello! It’s me again Shadow.

You may remember me from a couple of years ago. My family, including my furry sister, and I were in a horrific car crash, and I lost all of them. So, there I was on the highway, the lone survivor, wondering what I was going to do. I had no one and I was so lost and sad. A nice police officer took me to a local shelter and GRRMF scooped me up immediately and gave me hope. I was adopted by a loving owner after being fostered by a wonderful foster mom. Suddenly, my heart was broken again when I recently lost my dad. So here I am again hoping that someone out there will take me home forever to live happily ever after. 

I am what they call a gentle giant with beautiful Labrador qualities. I just adore people both big and small and I am a very loyal and loving boy. There was a wonderful family gathering the weekend I arrived at my foster home, and I fit in perfectly. Everyone treated me like the center of the universe. It really helped me to feel special and wanted.

I have my very distinctive “sugar face” which reminds people that I am a senior, who just wants to be cared for and loved. My foster dad and I love to hang out together and when he pets me on my back and grooms me, I just melt. He knew in an instant where all my love spots are.  I watch him work in his office and chill out while he is taking care of business. He may think I am sleeping but I always have my eye on him because that is what we Labradors are famous for – love and loyalty. That explains why we are always on the most popular dog lists and it sure makes me proud to be a handsome lab.

I have never met a cat and much prefer to be the only furry ‘lord’ of the castle to watch over my peeps. I don’t mind when my foster dad goes out, but to be honest, I am so happy when he comes home to me. I’m not destructive and I don’t need to be crated.  I am a bit hard of hearing, but that is a senior thing. My foster dad helps me by doing hand signals which I easily understand. I’m a pretty healthy guy with some itchies but I have some good medicine from the vet who helps me. Admittedly I am not real fond of car rides, and I am sure you understand why, but with a little help and patience, I try to make it work.

So here I am once again, with the help of my friends at GRRMF, looking for someone who would love to be my loyal pal. I promise to take good care of you and hope that you will promise that back to me.

And then as if by magic:

Shadow’s original foster from 2021, that nursed him back to health, was viewing the Available Dog page on the GRRMF web site and realized that Shadow was back in our care.  It didn’t take her a second to know, she was going to be Shadow’s forever home!

Welcome  back  Shadow  – your  circle  is  complete!


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