Saving Innocent Lives

Rescuing Breeder moms

Puppy mills are large breeding factories where dogs are kept in small enclosures and repeatedly bred to produce as many litters as possible. These puppies are sold at pet stores, on web sites and through classified ads. Sadly, when females can no longer deliver multiple litters, they are destroyed.

GRRMF is working to rescue these dogs, rehabilitate them, and find them loving forever homes. Former breeder dogs have never known happiness. They’ve spent their life in a cramped cage with no socialization of other animals and experienced only negative interactions with humans. Caring for them requires a family with an abundance of understanding, patience, and love. They are timid around people and may retreat when touched or petted. They prefer to eat by themselves, often in the dark, and will spend much of their time in a safe spot in their foster’s home.

Yet, their resilience is amazing, and they can make wonderful family pets! The ideal home for a former breeder dog is a quiet setting with at least one other calm dog to act as a mentor, a fenced in backyard so they can run freely without restraint, and a loving parent who spends more time at home than away.

GRRMF has successfully rehomed several former breeder dogs and we are dedicated to helping save more innocent lives. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out an application on our web site. Together, we can make a difference.


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