Tucker Nathan #3684

Tucker Nathan #3684

Age: 4 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 52 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

Update as of April 2019

Eager to please! Super well behaved! Incredibly smart!

Those three statements describe Tucker to a “T”. His foster mom says, “I cannot express enough how amazingly loving and devoted he is, as well as, how impressed I am with his behavior towards my very young grandsons.”

Who could ask for a better testimonial?

Yes, Tucker is not your typical golden retriever, but a special Nova Scotia Duck Toller golden retriever. Tucker wants someone who can appreciate his golden blend appearance and truly see his wonderful heart and soul.

Tucker is ready to give you a lifetime of unconditional love, faithful companionship and steadfast devotion. Are you ready to receive all that Tucker can offer

The latest update on Tucker proves him to be a super smart pooch. He’s a marvel when it comes to verbal or visual commands. Besides knowing your standard parlor tricks, Tucker has mastered restraint and the ability to follow instructions in difficult situations. His foster mom says he’ll stop, even in mid charge, when she calls no. How many other dogs would do that?

Tucker is also good with respectful children. He’s sweet and gentle. When the foster mom’s grandkids are playing on the floor with their toys, Tucker goes and gets his own toys to play with while lying next to the children. He’ll even share his favorite ball or squeaky toy!

Tucker continues to grow and improve, making great strides. His foster mom says, “I’m soooo very proud of my caramel eyed snuggle bum!!!”

Tucker has grown leaps and bounds in his loving foster home. He’s incredibly smart and has the cutest personality. At dinnertime, he sits patiently and won’t eat until his foster mom gives him a kiss on the nose! When she says, “ready to brush your teeth” he runs over and waits by his breath treats.  Tucker would also be a great wide receiver for a football team. His foster mom brags about his amazing skill at catching toys and treats in mid-air!

Tucker is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Tollers are the smallest of the AKC’s retrievers and are smart, loving and eager to please.

Tucker’s foster mom said he was homesick and sad when he first arrived at her home. But after a week of attention, love and snuggling, he’s much happier and full of life. He loves to be loved and has a heart of gold!

True to his breed, Tucker is a very inquisitive pooch. He follows his foster mom around and wants to know what everything in the house is for, including the toilet! Yes, the toilet. He is fascinated by it when it flushes, but has no interest in drinking from it at all. Tucker loves to play fetch and keep-away with his chew toys. He likes to be brushed and have his belly scratched and thinks it’s great fun to go for car rides.

Tucker knows many commands and is learning more quickly. His foster mom says, “I’m very impressed with the fact that he understands human and dog language.” He’s also a bit of an escape artist from his crate. See, he is a smarty!

He gets along well with kids and cats, but not other dogs.  Tucker would do best in a home where he is the only pooch.  He’s more curious than skittish of new things as well.

He’s a wonderful, happy dog looking for a family that he can give all of his love and devotion!  Is your family ready to play fetch with Tucker?  He is waiting patiently for you to fill out your application!


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