Tucker Nathan #3684

Tucker Nathan #3684

Age: 4 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 52 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

He may not look it, but Tucker is a golden retriever. In fact, he is a very special type of golden – a Nova Scotia duck toller retriever. Tollers are the smallest of the AKC’s retrievers and are smart, loving, and eager to please. Tucker is all those things and more!

We all know golden retrievers are intelligent dogs, but Tucker can outthink them all. He is super smart and a marvel when it comes to verbal and visual commands. Besides knowing your standard parlor tricks, Tucker has mastered restraint and the ability to follow instructions in difficult situations.

Tucker is incredibly friendly and affectionate. He plays well with children and other dogs. He loves to be active, whether it’s a game of catch, playing hide and go seek, or chasing soap bubbles.

Tucker is housebroken, and crate trained, although he doesn’t need it.

What Tucker does need is a loving home with a family that’s as energetic as he is. His foster mom says, “Tucker is picture perfect – sweet and curious. He naturally wants a ‘job’ to keep him happy!”

Tucker is ready to give you a lifetime of unconditional love, faithful companionship and steadfast devotion.   Are you ready to receive all that Tucker can offer?

Here’s a little background information about Nova Scotia Duck Toller Retrievers. Nicknamed The Toller, these medium sized beautiful dogs were bred in Nova Scotia’s Little River district by hunters who wanted a dog who could attract water foul in addition to retrieving them. Tollers ‘dance’ on the shoreline, drawing ducks and birds in closer to make it easier for the hunters to get a good shot.

Tollers are the perfect companions for active families. They are incredibly intelligent, have endless energy and are amazingly affectionate. Easily trained, tollers can think for themselves and often find a better way to achieve a task. They are wonderful watchdogs and very protective of their human family, whom they bond with and love dearly.

Tollers do require an outlet for their vim and vigor, whether it’s hiking, swimming, hunting or just playing in the back yard. As the American Kennel Club puts it, “The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is intelligent, affectionate, and eager to please. Play fetch with a tireless Toller until your right arm falls off, and he will ask you to throw left-handed.”



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