Sophie Allie #3850

Sophie Allie #3850

Age: 8 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 63 lbs.

Status: Matched for Adoption

Due to the pandemic, applications are taking longer than normal to be approved.
If Sophie is a match for you, you will be contacted after the evaluation period.


Welcome to Sweet Sophie, who joined our GRRMF family, because her owners moved from a quiet neighborhood to a smaller one with lots of outdoor noise and activities, that became simply overwhelming for her.

Sophie shared with her foster parents early on, that she just loves to get into a car – in fact any car – especially if it’s with her foster dad.  She seems to prefer hanging out with men before women, however she is following both her parents around and is curious about what they are doing.

Our girl is super sensitive to sights and sounds, especially loud noises or voices, but she is slowly warming up to feeling safe in her foster home and getting some cuddles from her foster mom and dad.

Sophie is cautiously respectful of the senior household cat. Her foster sibling cat hisses and puffs up around her and Sophie just backs away and gives the cat their space. Her family keeps her experiences “slow and low” to help her adjust to all the new things in her life.  She hasn’t met children yet or other dogs in her new calm life, but eventual exposure will be in her future.

Even though Sophie is extremely anxious, she has now begun to play with a toy and chew on a bone. Although she loves to stand and stare out the window, she much prefers to stay inside. Right now her anxiety is still heightened by being outside. She is a very good girl and does all of her business outside, but immediately wants to return inside where it is safe and quiet.

This smart cutie pie knows her basic commands including sit, stay and down. Being outside and encountering sudden noises still startles her, so walking on a leash is quite an adventure. She is learning leash manners, while wearing her pretty harness, so that she can experience the outside and feel safe and protected, with her foster parents guiding her and teaching her to feel safe and confident instead of pulling from fear.

When day is done, Sophie has her own internal clock that tells her when it’s bedtime to dream happy thoughts. She puts herself up on the couch to sleep around 8 pm every night and all is calm! Sophie’s foster family is working hard to teach her that she is safe and loved.


With calm, soothing, consistent love and care, this sweet girl can learn to relax and just enjoy being a dog. Sophie is hoping for a loving and quiet home, where her adopted family can continue to show her the way to live life to the fullest and enjoy herself.  If you are cool, calm and collected, and you are looking to share your “chill” way of life and your home with a beautiful furry golden, then Sophie may be just right for you.




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