LJ Andie #3822

LJ Andie #3822

Age: 9 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 124 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption

Special Note:  Mom Spice was adopted in May and LJ will be adopted in the same forever home when he receives medical clearance.  Sweet LJ continues to be on his weight loss program in his forever home to give him better health and the mobility to play he so deserves. Mom Spice continues to watch over her baby boy LJ.

*This story contains “dialogue” between son LJ and his mother Spice. This specific story though focuses on LJ’s information.

Hi, I’m LJ! I was brought here to GRRMF with my mom Spice after the family we were with could no longer take care of us. We’re both very comfortable with each other and our human parents but would prefer to be without other dogs, cats, or children.

Our first night here was pretty uneventful and we were both very good and slept a lot. We enjoy playing for a time but then just prefer to hang out with each other and our humans.

I hear that my mother told you I get my good looks from her. This is true I’m sure, but I also wonder how much is from my dad…

“I prefer not to talk about your father dear. It was a brief fling and I hardly know him.”

“Well that’s awkward…”

“Can you just get on with your story dear?”

“Ok Mom.” I’m a lot like my mom when it comes to what I like to do for fun. I love to roll around in the grass and go for walks, as well as play with my toys. Being groomed and receiving belly rubs are also high on my list. Basically, as long as I’m with my mom or my humans, I’m good with anything! She and I wrestle with each other too, although we keep it gentle.

“That’s for your own good LJ. You could hurt yourself.”

“I know Mom.” I’m also trying to lose a little weight, but my foster humans are working on this with me and the exercise I get with my mom helps! Like my mom, I am house broken but not crate trained, although we are pretty well behaved in the house. I need to be supervised though when around other animals like birds when we go outside.

I am a very easygoing and loving dog, just like my mother, and I can’t wait to join her in a home with another loving family! And don’t forget to go on over to her page to see her info!


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