Kesha Marilyn #3509

Kesha Marilyn #3509

Age: 1 year

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 56 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption

Kesha, 3509KeshaMarilynEFP_opt 350who was rescued from a shelter by a family and then realized she had too much puppy enthusiasm for them turned to GRRMF for help.  We quickly discovered a loving, attentive 1 to 2 year old pup who is confident and loves to sit in your lap for lovin, play fetch, play in the water and go on walks and car rides. Kesha is very sweet: always happy, wagging, and bright eyed — she’s a real joy to have around the house.

Kesha loves being a lap dog, being brushed, petted, and played with. She is very skilled at seeking toys and loves teasing you with a game of tug-of war. She is ready for any game and will play until she’s exhausted, but she’s also content to relax at home in the evening and is well-behaved when left alone at home for the workday.

She interacts with her foster kitty regularly and is accommodating of the cat’s periodic grooming sessions and bed-stealing. Kesha has interacted with other dogs in the foster home, during family gatherings, visits to the dog park, and walks. Her reactions to other dogs are generally polite disinterest and she respects their space and toys when they indicate such. She loves people.

Kesha’s training is progressing well, especially with walks although she hasn’t quite mastered the behavior yet and can pull hard and unexpectedly. She’s learning and responding to commands with bright intelligence and enthusiasm.

This happy, sweet girl is looking for a home to call her forever home and a family that will gently guide this girl into becoming the best girl we know she will be.