Jacob Jax #3979

Jacob Jax #3979

Age: 5 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 93 lbs.

Status: Matched for Adoption

My name is Jacob and I’m so excited to be at GRRMF and can’t wait to meet my new family.

I recently arrived at my foster family’s house, and I admit that I initially got a little overwhelmed by all of the excitement. I was grateful that I could chill out with a quick nap in a quiet corner. You know how it is – sometimes you just need a power nap to recharge! I was introduced to some other four-legged residents including another dog and a cat, and we are getting along like we are old friends. I like making new friends with dogs, cats and kids!

I just got a summer haircut and I think I am looking rather handsome! It felt so good to have my golden coat trimmed and brushed so it is sparkling now.  I have been to see the doctor and while I didn’t understand everything he said, he did put some medicine in my ears so they won’t hurt anymore. Also, it looks like the green beans my foster mom has been slipping into my kibble means I need to cut a few pounds. I am not really a fan of the beans so I pick them out and drop them on the floor. Good news is I am housebroken and will let you know when I want to go outside for a walk. My foster mom is excited to have a workout buddy so we are pounding the pavement together! She thinks it is cute when I stick my nose high in the air to take in all of the great outdoor smells.

When we are inside, I like to stay close so you will find me laying nearby when you are getting dinner ready, watching TV, or going to bed. This makes it easy for you to give me the belly rubs and chin scratches that I love!

You can also find me exploring all of the great things inside the toy box especially anything I can use for my favorite game of tug of war!

My foster mom says that my baby face reminds her of a well-loved favorite stuffed animal. I can’t wait to bring all my cuteness and snuggles to my new family!


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