Dorothy Noni #4236

Dorothy Noni #4236

Age: 7 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Weight: 35 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

Meet Dorothy! This sweet and petite Labrador retriever was rescued from a shelter and has settled happily in the home of her loving foster family. Dorothy has heart worm disease so will soon begin the extensive and expensive treatment for this dreaded parasite. Over the next few months, Dorothy will be spoiled and pampered to help her endure treatment, gain weight, and return to good health.

We don’t know what Dorothy has experienced in her lifetime of seven years, but she shows no signs of letting anything keep her beautiful personality and friendly demeanor from shining through. This little miss gets along well with other dogs and is patient with children. Her tail wags constantly!  Dorothy loves meeting people on walks or golf cart rides in the neighborhood. Everyone is her friend.

Dorothy is house-trained and will come sit at your feet after she’s finished her business as if to say, “I’m done.” How cute! She doesn’t need to be crated and is allowed full run of the house. Dorothy is food-motivated and a counter-surfer, but does fine as long as nothing is left out. Dorothy doesn’t chew things and isn’t destructive, and she brings various items to you in bed: bathmat, shoe, toilet paper roll, and so on. Dorothy loves to ride in the golf cart or car and enjoys walking on leash.

Just being with her people is Dorothy’s favorite activity. If you’re sitting, she likes to sit at your feet and put her paws in your lap. Sometimes Dorothy likes to be as close as possible, but she also will go to the bedroom on her own for a nap. Dorothy enjoys being petted and will bring toys to you when she wants to play. She knows basic commands and is eager to please. Dorothy is so happy just to be with you, that she prances around whoever greets her.

We’re looking forward to seeing Dorothy blossom as her health improves and appreciate your financial support for her care.


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