Belle Marsha #4062

Belle Marsha #4062

Age: 4 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 57 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

To be eligible to adopt Belle, you must be an approved adopter of GRRMF. If you are already on our approved adopter waiting list, an adoption coordinator will contact you if you are matched to meet this pup’s needs. Visit our How to Adopt page to review our process, policies and application.  Please pay special attention to the sections on puppy facts, children and dogs and fences on our website prior to submitting an application for a puppy.

If you like sweets, you’ll LOVE Belle!  “She’s 100% pure sweetness!,” declares her foster mom.  A fan of belly rubs, car rides, walks and playing with toys, Belle is settling in nicely and enjoying her new foster home.

Belle came to GRRMF from one of our Louisiana rescue partners and we are happy to have her join our GRRMF family.  Belle has been saying her doggy prayers for a loving forever home to spend the rest of her life but she will have to be patient as she has been diagnosed with heart worm. Heart worm disease, caused by larvae carrying mosquitoes who infect the dog, is potentially life threatening if left untreated.  A series of shots or oral medications, bloodwork and follow ups with vets need to be administered for the next four month before Belle will be cleared for adoption and able to find her forever home.  

Assured she will be cured, Belle is working on obedience commands and is doing well on her potty training.  In fact, she has figured out where the treats are kept in the cabinet and knows she will get one of those yummy morsels if she takes care of her business outside.  

Belle hasn’t met any children yet but she is great with adults, she loves everyone she meets and is very gentle when she is given a treat.  Car rides are also a big hit, she loved her first ride so much that she jumped in the car when her foster mom was unloading groceries in the garage and didn’t want to get out!  Rolling in the cool grass on a nice walk through the neighborhood is another one of her delights.  Although she’s been dubbed a Velcro dog that loves being with her people, she doesn’t mind if they go off on their own while she takes a snooze on the couch.

Sudden unfamiliar noises can frighten Belle at first (like the noisy garage door) but she is resilient to household sounds after she becomes familiar with them.  Florida thunderstorms are another story- when the thunder rolls, Belle rolls right onto her nearest human and stays there until it’s over. This sweet girls biggest fear seems to be other dogs (big or small); she tucks her tail, looks away, avoids them but doesn’t display any signs of aggression. 

During her treatment and recovery from heart worm, Belle’s dedicated foster family and GRRMF will continue to work with her to gain confidence and stability in her life.  Your generous support will help Belle have the wonderful family and life she deserves.  If you are interested in adopting Belle, submit your application now. Don’t pass this sweet treat up -she will be your forever friend ! 



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