Bella Darcy #4021

Bella Darcy #4021

Age: 4 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 85 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

My name is Bella and a beautiful girl I am. Gentle is in my DNA following purebred golden retriever standards. I am very smart and know sit, stay, out, off, come and no.  Just show me which door leads to the potty, and I’ll remember, no need for a crate.  Also, no worries about your furniture, I am happy on the floor.  However, because I love to dream about playing, I may snore.

Your windows allow me to watch squirrels, lizards and other wildlife. When I see them during our walks I just wink and keep moving without pulling on the leash.  I did live with a cat that was my friend although she did not like me following her around.

Like my other golden buddies and fetch is my favorite game.  I will bring the ball back to you but get disinterested after about 3 throws.  Belly rubs are a treat and I’ll help by rolling onto my back, offering my entire belly. If you want to groom and trim my nails, that’s fine with me.   For car rides, I will lay in the back seat and check out my surroundings before leaving the car.  I need a little training with walking. Because of my protective instinct, I like to be in front, so be careful not to trip.  I like to stop, sit and wait for you. For your protection, I will study your moves but not stick to your side.

Don’t worry about buying me stuffed animals, I’m more interested in my humans.  I’m not scared of anything so far but I don’t like surprises. If we do encounter something, I will stop and study it.  I may bare my teeth to defend you.

Please don’t get close to my food.  I’m quite the guardian when it comes to my bowl.  I will also safeguard you from the neighbor’s dog.   I don’t like them being next to my humans.  If I feel we’re in danger, like loud cars or outside light flashing, I will give you an ‘alarm’ bark and bolt to the sound.  Once you confirm all is ok, I will relax. I probably should not be around toddlers.

I am a little unsure of life right now since I’ve been in a couple of wonderful homes with wonderful people.  Establishing trust with my new family and having some fun is on my bucket list.  It’s my duty to protect you and I am such a sweet dog.  I’m just looking for my place in this world.  Can I call your place ‘home’?


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