Aiden Aces #3929

Aiden Aces #3929

Age: 10 months

Gender: Male

Breed: Labrador Retriever Blend

Weight: 45 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption


Update: October 14 2021

Check out this handsome, athletic boy!  Aiden is a young, healthy, full of life, energetic pup that loves to play and run.  His social manners with other dogs have improved; he interacts well with his foster fur brother and the neighbors’ young Rhodesian Ridgeback.  He really enjoys playing with his new-found friends and is still learning when they’ve had enough of his antics. He may get his feeling hurt a bit, but it’s short-lived.

Recently, Aiden and his foster parents took a long drive to meet with a professional trainer.  This was Aiden’s first long car ride, and he stood up the whole way because he was so excited!  His foster dad reports that Aiden did well walking on leash and when he saw other dogs.  

A warm, loving and affection dog, he enjoys being with his humans. But he’s also has a taste for adventure and delights in his time roaming, romping and sunbathing in the yard.  He loves playing with his toys and leaping on to the couch to take his favorite spot where he can look out the window and watch the world.  “He’s very adorable when he is running around the yard and he looks so cute and content laying on the couch,” says he devoted foster dad. 

Aiden is no Michael Phelps. He runs into the house when his foster family gets in the pool – just in case they have ideas about having him take a swim!  He is, however, good taking a bath and enjoys being brushed and petted.

This young guy is also polite, he sits and waits for his food, walks well on a leash, doesn’t counter surf, gets along with cats and rarely barks. He’s crate-trained but trusted by his foster family enough that the door is left open so he can enjoy roaming around the house. 

Aiden will make some lucky family a wonderful best friend.  He would be best matched with a family who has older, more mature children (ten or older) who know how to treat and respect dogs. “He’s a sweet dog that mellows out fast – a real keeper,” proclaims his foster dad.  Aiden is dreaming of his new home, with a yard to play in and a loving family to snuggle and cuddle with forever and always – won’t you make his dreams come true?


To be eligible to adopt Aiden, you must be an approved adopter of GRRMF. If you are already on our approved adopter waiting list, an adoption coordinator will contact you if you are matched to meet this pup’s needs. Visit our How to Adopt page to review our process, policies and application.  Please pay special attention to the sections on puppy facts, children and dogs and fences on our website prior to submitting an application for a puppy.

When GRRMF first met Aiden, we saw a young pup with a sweet personality that needed immediate medical help and a loving forever home.  It appeared that Aiden had been hit by a car and was suffering from a fractured femur of his left hind leg. GRRMF was his last chance to get the surgery he needed to be a healthy pup once again.

Through generous donations and committed professionals and volunteers, Aiden was able to get the surgery he needed to have his leg repaired and he is now completely healed. During his convalescence we learned that Aiden was not a fan of peanut butter, loved to play with his toys, willing goes in his crate, is housebroken and enjoys a good belly rub. He is an affectionate and playful pup, who is also an independent boy who loves to explore in the yard.

This young guy is busy working on his obedience and manner skills and already knows some of the basic commands. Being an excited player, he is a bit mouthy at times and he is working with his foster family and professional trainer to take and give things politely. Aiden gets along well with most dogs, as it should be for any dog, a calm and proper introduction will be needed.  

As GRRMF volunteers and professionals observe and learn more about Aiden’s environmental and emotional needs, it makes it all the more important that this young dog has the best chance he can have to live his best life. Living with grown-ups or a family with mature young adults will be the best fit for this affectionate and playful lad who just wants to be loved and respected.  

Aiden has a golden heart and will be a golden gem for a family who can give him the attention and tender loving care he needs. Who could resist this cutie with the dreamy brown eyes and playful personality? Aiden would love to find his forever home and be your best friend forever!


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