Meet Taja – 2023 GivingTuesday

A Dobie With A Golden Heart

Never known to have a bad hair day, lovely longhaired Dobie Taja, who has the soul of a golden, was rescued by GRRMF from a partner shelter in Louisiana.

Once she landed on her paws in her forever home, she revealed how supremely sweet and social she is, and how much she loves snuggling with her family on the sofa. She also loves running after lizards and squirrels outdoors and has mastered a vocabulary of commands including “sit,” “down,” “settle,” “heel,” “leave it” and “wait.” Content to curl up inside her crate with a soft blanket and some toys at bedtime, she’s equally content munching on treats tucked inside one of her favorite food puzzles.

To say that Taja’s living her happiest life is putting it mildly, and there isn’t a day that she doesn’t lavish her loving family with her own enduring love.

This GivingTuesday, won’t YOU please help us to help all of the other Tajas awaiting their own happily-ever-after endings by making a donation to GRRMF?

Your generosity is golden!


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