Now is the time to prepare

Hurricane and Storm Preparedness

 It’s he-e-r-e!  Hurricane season!  With that in mind, GRRMF wants to keep both you and your furry friends safe by keeping you informed.  For more information than you ever thought paws-ible, please check out:

For starters, here are resources that you can contact or access to help you plan how to protect your pets: .  Also Florida has helpful information for developing a pet plan at and the American Veterinary Medical Association has a booklet which includes detailed information on assembling emergency kits and plans for a wide variety of animal species at: 

Fema guide for the whole family planning:

Things you can do now:

1. Ensure your pet is micro-chipped. Micro-chips are only as good as the information on file, so verify that your information is up to date.
2. Have at least one ID tag on their collar. Two is better. You can write information on the inside of their collar with a permanent marker.
3. Have a supply of your pet’s food and medications on hand.
4. If your pet has a fear of thunderstorms or loud noises talk to your vet now about both medications and holistic ways to help keep them calm.
5. Have an evacuation plan in place that includes your pets. If you are leaving your pet at a shelter make certain that they are out of the flood-way and that they have secondary power sources.  Ask about their evacuation plan.
6. If you are sheltering in place, keep your animals in crates or kennels and in a safe location in your home. Trying to find a scared pet during a storm puts you both at risk.
7. Have enough water on hand for at least three days. A bathtub full of water works well for this.
8. Have your pet’s medical records available. A back up set of records can be kept as pictures on your phone. But don’t rely on this method solely as you may not be able to charge your phone if the power is out.
9. Stay Calm. Your pet senses your energy. If you are nervous or frightened they will be too.
10. Share your plan with family and friends so they know where you and your pets will be during the hurricane.

Pet preparedness checklist:

Being prepared is something we need to do to make certain that every member of our family make it through the storm as safe and calm as possible.

Resource assistance for pet friendly shelters and hotels in Florida

Know your evacuation zones!  Florida disaster maps and routes





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