Allergies – Part 2

A Holistic Approach to Dogs with Allergies, Part 2

Continuing our series on holistic treatments for our allergy dogs, we hope this provides helpful information on some of the alternative treatments available to provide improved wellness for your dog impacted by environmental allergies.

Chinese Herbs: Chinese herbs help to reinforce the principles in synergy with acupuncture to toneify (strengthen) deficiency and clear excess in the body.  There are hundreds of herbs your vet can tailor to your dog.  Most Chinese Herbal formulas will contain between 6 and 30 herbs.  Each patient’s prescription can be tailored to their presentation.  Since life is a series of transformations, the remedy may change when needed.  These herbs are extremely safe and allergy studies support that these herbal remedies are extremely effective.  These herbal formulas reinforce the treatment principle defined by your doctor and by taking them as prescribed they can speed your pet’s recovery; enhancing and balancing specific organ systems.  Your Holistic vet can work with the remedies to alleviate symptoms and to improve the function of the body.

Since each formula is specific for your dog’s problems, having a qualified and certified TCVM practitioner prescribe the herbs is preferable to buying generic tonics and herbs off the internet. Although several herbs are present in nature, some are extremely toxic to dogs.  Those prescribed by your holistic vet to treat your dog, and used as instructed, are usually safe.  You will need to see your Holistic vet as directed.  Usually once a week at first and then less often to see how the treatment is working.  Adjustments can and probably will be made as your allergy dog finds balance.

Your holistic vet will communicate with your conventional vet to assure that the treatment plan is safe for your dog.  Communication is a big asset.  To find a qualified vet in your area use this internet link:

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is very useful in the treatment of allergy.  In this case, the Wei Qi (immune system) is overly active and needs to be calmed.  Your Holistic Vet will work to balance the Wei Qi (immune system).  The needles are inserted for 10 to 30 minutes.  These treatments, with the aid of Chinese Herbal medications can reduce or stop itching, calm the mind, reduce the biting and often clear the causes of other diseases as well as managing allergies. It may take some time, but you should expect to see some change within 4-6 weeks if not sooner. By determining the cause of your dog’s discomfort, both of you will be much happier in the long run.

To find a qualified acupuncturist use this internet link:

Tui-na: Tui-na is a massage therapy for dogs that increases circulation and stimulates the body. It is a holistic massage based on the concepts of acupressure points.  Unfortunately, while useful for many disease issues, Tui-na is not a primary tool for the treatment of allergy.

To find a qualified Tui-Na practitioner use this internet link:

Chiropractic is another approach to give your dog relief.  Some dogs respond favorably and rapidly to chiropractic treatment.  It helps them find balance and can resolve nerve root impingements, hormones, organ gland function and alignment.  It helps your dog’s optimal functioning.

To find a qualified Chiropractic Veterinarian, use this internet link:

Both Dr. Todd and GRRMF believe that if your dog is suffering now, use these helpful internet links to learn more and make that vet appointment to help bring relief to your allergy dog.

by Janet Sturman with Dr. Gregg Todd, DVM, CVA


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