Sunny’s Success Story

Sunny’s Success Story

Sunny Maxx came into the rescue when his previous owner encountered health issues.  Fortunately, he’s joined Jeannie and Leo’s home where he now has a sister named Ginger to share it with! “We were very excited and happy to see that he and Ginger made fast friends,” his new parents say.

Sunny has come a long way since he was first adopted, and his parents have been more than supportive. He initially arrived with little strength in his hind quarters, and had a few hot spots- some which developed into staph infections. Through loving care, attention, his parents are happy to say the hot spots are all gone, and he’s gained enough strength to walk, even run through his big 10-acre horse farm for a backyard!

Overall, he’s made a great adjustment to Jeannie and Leo’s farm lifestyle and loves to be a part of all family activities. With a 10 acres at his disposal every day is busy. When he’s not playing tug of war with one of his favorite toys, he follows around his family as they complete their daily chores, and goes on walks with his sister Ginger to “check out all the new and old smells of the day.” Because the property is fully fenced in, he is free to roam and find new adventures. He’s yet to learn what horses are, but for now he’ll continue to greet them with barks and maybe even challenge them to a game of tug of war.

Thanks to GRRMF, he found his perfect home. He’s already got one family trip under his collar – Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia where he loved smelling deer and wading in the water. He will continue sniffing around his backyard, roam around as he gains more strength, and improve his tug of war skills. Sunny’s got nothing but all sunny days ahead of him!



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