Lucy Juliee’s Success Story

Lucy Juliee’s Success Story

With all the expert care from veterinarians, her loving, dedicated foster mom, and GRRMF vounteers, Lucy is a true success story of how life can be changed when love, perseverance and dedication are involved.

Lucy began her journey to wellness in January 2019, her medical condition was complicated and she had numerous conditions that needed to be treated.  Terrible skin infections, hookworm, tapeworm, whipworm, yeast infections, food allergies and Pseudomonas aeruginosa in her ear (a serious bacterial infection that is contagious to humans and animals).  Two specialist were involved to treat her ear and food allergies.  Five different medications, prescription baths, shots twice a day for two weeks were all administered by her dedicated and compassionate foster mom.

Lucy was doing well the first month of her treatments until another culprit was found, an abscess on her shoulder. Another antibiotic and cream to heal the abscess was needed for several weeks. As if this poor girl hadn’t been put through enough, the following month she was diagnosed with a bladder infection which ultimately turned out to be a huge bladder stone. Lucy had surgery to remove the stone in July and although it was very expensive this sweetheart finally got the relief she deserved and is now enjoy her life.

Her foster mom reports that Lucy was a real trooper during her treatments and recuperation.  She is a sweet, loving cuddly bear that enjoys watching television, playing tug and chase with her foster brother.  Her golden genes show up when she spots a tennis ball and she loves to take her stuffed lamb to bed with her at night.  Everyone she meets falls in love with Lucy-if  you listen close enough you could probably hear them yelling “I Love Lucy” all the way down the street!

Lucy’s  medical bills have been astronomical, but that didn’t stop GRRMF from giving this sweet, loving girl all the help she needed.  She has gone from a sick, depressed and lethargic dog to a happy, loving life companion. Look at her before and after pictures and you will be able to tell that the spring is back in her step and the twinkle shining from her beautiful eyes.

Our Lucky Lucy gives you paws up to thank you for all your generous donation that have gone towards her medical expenses.  The continued generosity of our supporters to help Lucy and some of our other Healing Heart dogs is greatly appreciated and needed.  Thanks for all you do—Woof, Woof from Lucy too!!


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