“Winnie Jayla came to us having spent a good portion of her first year in a crate,” reports Janice, “which made her very restless. She rarely stopped moving and pacing, and while our other dogs were napping, she was still in motion finding toys and trying to instigate play.  I started playing games with her – like jumping through a hula-hoop, running through our grand children’s play tunnel and doggie dancing. Winnie thrived on the attention and I quickly found that she was very clever and eager to learn anything I wanted to teach her.”

“Our only goal was to take our newest GRRMF rescue to a few obedience classes so we’d have a happy, well-behaved dog. I never heard of agility until a good friend introduced us to an entire world of doggie stuff that we never knew existed, such as scent training, rally, flyball, agility and more. After seeing the dogs and handlers compete in agility and have an absolute blast flying around the courses, I knew I wanted to try it with one of our dogs. Mike and I realized Winnie might be a perfect fit for the agility ring when she started walking along the top edge of our couch like a cat and leaping onto the pool table in a single bound to get at a dog toy!”

Winnie attended basic obedience classes and earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen title at the Dog Training Club of St. Petersburg. Completing an Intro to Agility class and a more advanced agility handling class so easily, Winnie now goes to “Dogism” in Oldsmar for private agility coaching on weekends and loves every minute working with Mom as her handler. Winnie’s dad, Mike, likes to come and watch his girls practice at the Dog Club but must sneak into the building and hide around the corner because Winnie’s current “quirk” is to stop whatever she and Mom are practicing and run to the front of the ring to find him.

Now 2 years old and only doing agility for one year, Winnie has earned her AKC ACT I Agility Title and, at her first agility competition, she successfully completed two qualifying runs with a first place and a fourth place. “I think she is a natural,” reports Mom.

Watch Winnie fly through her first agility competition by clinking on the link below:

Fly Winnie Fly


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