Sunny Jamey #3748

Sunny Jamey #3748

Age: 9 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 60 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

Sunny was lovingly surrendered to GRRMF care when his family situation changed and is currently learning how good life can be again.  This special golden/lab mix is a happy boy with a wiggle butt and tail to match.  His wonderful welcome home greeting is shared by his joyful woofs that fill the air!

Sunny loves it when it is sunny and not when the storms of Florida move in. He has storm phobia and is in his “zone” when he anticipates a rough day ahead, which sadly at this time of year is almost every day.  Our vets and GRRMF are working with the foster family for a balance of medications and techniques to help Sunny.  His foster family have set up a safe place / panic room for him which is starting to help.  It’s filled with all the things he loves…music, toys, a soft bed and people when they can be home and share the room with him.

Sunny especially loves his foster dad and gravitates to him with gentle nudges with his paws or head for those beloved belly rubs until your arms fall off!  He is a great sharer of toys with his foster brother and wants to play tug with him…and his little doggy play grunts provides Sunny the winning tug every time!  He doesn’t need a crate because he is housebroken and has great manners.  He is learning some new commands and his foster brother is teaching him to encourage mom to please prepare the meals a little faster and sometimes joins in the “conversation”.  Sunny also recently discovered that he thinks his foster fur brother tastes good and gives him little nibbles up and down his back (like nibbling corn on the cob).  You are a funny boy Sunny!

Check out his video of discovering there can be fun play time in the backyard.  He’s a smart boy knowing to chill in the cool shade!

This wonderful and gentle soul needs a forever family who will be by his side through the stormy days ahead.   Sunny will bring you sunshine!




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