Sage Ann #3985

Sage Ann #3985

Age: 6 months

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 45 lbs.

Status: Matched for Adoption

Hello! My name is Sage and I can’t wait to come home with you!

I am a young puppy who is curious about this big world all around me! When I hear a new sound or something moves, I need to go check it out. Have you seen the lizards and dragonflies outside? I love to chase them, but they are so quick and keep getting away!

I am having a great time with my foster parents. They have the best toys! I really like the stuffed animals that I can toss in the air and catch and of course, I am always ready for a game of tug of war. They have even started to teach me how to swim, but I need a little more time before I am ready to try out for the Olympics! I haven’t met any other dogs at their house, but they do have a guinea pig who is a lot of fun and we have become great friends.

Wherever you are, that is where I want to be! I love to curl up nearby when you are working, watching TV, or in the kitchen making dinner. I will take naps in my crate during the day, but at night, I hope you have an extra pillow for me because I will be curling into your side on the bed! You may need to wake up a few minutes early so we can get in some sunrise snuggles before we start our day.

I am already housebroken and I know how to SIT and I am working on DOWN. I also know how to ring a bell when I need to go outside. Sometimes, there is a bell attached to the refrigerator which I can tap when I want a treat, but my foster mom takes that one down to make sure I don’t fill up on too many snacks.  I can be a little shy at first, but it only takes me a few minutes to do my puppy background check on someone before I warm right up.

My foster parents say that I am adorable and I keep them laughing. I can’t wait to bring all the smiles and giggles to my new family!


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