Sadie Auburn #3526

Sadie Auburn #3526

Age: 9 months

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 22 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

Expenses for Sadie to date: $3,500  Raised Through August – $3,000.   Thank you so much!

Update July 21st : Sadie has been making great progress in her foster home. On medications that are helping her manage her pain, she is comfortable enough to start to snuggle on the couch and initiate play with her 3 1/2 year old golden foster brother. These are major steps for Sadie’s physical wellness, psychological confidence building and helping her develop behaviors that make her feel good!

Her history:

4 month old Sadie arrived in GRRMF when her family could not bond with her. This sweet pup was examined by our vet and found to have medical issues that a young pup should not have to endure. We have had our vets and specialists looking further into some of the specific issues and found some of the source of her discomfort and sensitivity to touch. Our commitment is to give her the best quality of life possible and need your help to make that happen.

What we know so far:

She failed the paw flip test on the right front paw which indicates a potential neurological issue

She has minor systolic heart murmur.

L4-L5 shows myeloschisis –  her actual spinal cord did not fuse/close at this spot. This could explain her sensitivity to being held, her lack of awareness of her back end and discomfort.

Sadly, prior to coming into rescue,  she also had a trainer who was not a force free trainer who likely added to the confusion and pain of this poor little girl.

Sadie has a long road ahead of her. We want to continue to get all the test results back and recommendations from our vets and trainers for her care program. Currently on a new medication, the foster is reporting greater comfort so we are very happy about this step in the right direction for Sadie!

We will post updates as they come in.  Our next update will be after her next vet and trainer visits and progress check around August 1st.

Thank you for opening your hearts to a donation to help us help Sadie!