Sadie Auburn #3526

Sadie Auburn #3526

Age: 9 months

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 46.5 lbs

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

Expenses for Sadie to date: $3,500  Raised Through October – $3,100.   Thank you so much!

Update October 30th: A wonderful update from Sadie’s foster Mom to share!

Sweet Sadie! She has come a long way baby!  With the proper medical care (that includes daily medication), lots and lots of patience, love and care from numerous volunteers and supporters of GRRMF, now at almost 10 months old, Sadie is thriving, learning and growing into the golden we all hoped she could be.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly what makes her so special. So basically, when the cells were dividing and developing her 39 pairs of chromosomes, something didn’t quite connect. She might have more of one thing or not enough of another. What we do know that it is neurological. What does that mean for Sadie? So far we have learned that her agility and co-ordination is under developed and hr ability to learn and process is delayed. She can still walk, run and play but is a little awkward and clumsy. As she is growing, her muscle tone is improving. Standing on her hind legs doesn’t seem to be a problem when she counter surfs! Her attention span is improving and so is her ability to focus and stay on task. To be outside exploring her environment is her “happy place”.  She would be perfectly content to do this all day. There is so much to explore. She has mastered the task of doing yard work (gathering sticks and digging holes). She is completely potty trained and discreetly chooses a remote area of the yard to claim as her own. She tries to join in play time with her foster brother Cane and occasionally they will start the zoomies but he is a little too big and too fast for her to keep up with. When she gets tired, she will lay flat in the grass and wait for him to run by at which she pounces on him. They do all the normal sibling stuff, like tug of war and rough house play.

Sadie knows her name and will respond, although she does have selective hearing! She will sit on command especially when cheese is involved. We are working on gaining a few skills, like walking on a leash and stopping when we hear “No”. Laundry (clean or dirty), shoes and any kind of paper (newspaper, toilet paper, magazines, etc) are her weakness. We must do our due diligence to keep things picked up, put up or shut up because after all she is just a puppy!
Still not totally accepting of people, unlike most goldens, that has changed.  She can still be Miss Independent and want to be alone in her on little Sadie’s World. However, we do have those moments every day that she seeks us out and looks at us with those beautiful brown eyes as if to say “I need you.” Of course, we stop what we are doing and sit (in the floor, the grass or on the couch) and we have our time, for as long as she will allow. Loving, massaging, scratching, sharing kisses and telling Sadie what a good girl she is.

This special little girl will need a very special family to know how to care for her needs and give her the life she so truly deserves.

Update July 21st : Sadie has been making great progress in her foster home. On medications that are helping her manage her pain, she is comfortable enough to start to snuggle on the couch and initiate play with her 3 1/2 year old golden foster brother. These are major steps for Sadie’s physical wellness, psychological confidence building and helping her develop behaviors that make her feel good!

Her history:

4 month old Sadie arrived in GRRMF when her family could not bond with her. This sweet pup was examined by our vet and found to have medical issues that a young pup should not have to endure. We had our vets and specialists looking further into some of the specific issues and found some of the source of her discomfort and sensitivity to touch. Our commitment is to give her the best quality of life possible and need your help to make that happen.



 Currently on a new medication, the foster is reporting greater comfort so we are very happy about this step in the right direction for Sadie!

Thank you for opening your hearts to a donation to help us help Sadie!