Sadie Auburn #3526

Sadie Auburn #3526

Age: 3.5 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Status: Sanctuary

Update: November 22, 2020

Despite her many obstacles and challenges, Sadie’s dedicated veterinarian team, GRRMF  and her loving foster family have made it possible for this sweet girl to enjoy life. “She still deals with cluster seizures that occur without any real warning or triggers; we are thankful for seizure free weeks and just celebrated two months of being seizure free with a spa day, “ reports her dedicated mom. Sadie will be celebrating her fourth birthday in January.

Sadie’s neurological and spinal issues causes her to be clumsy. She has coordination and memory problems that make it increasingly difficult for her to keep her feet under her enough to stand up.  She is able to compensate for this problem by wearing her socks with grips on the bottoms. Sadie isn’t going to let these issues get in her way; when she decides it’s time for a walk she lets her family know by using her vocal and persuasive abilities to get them moving.

Just like humans, physical and mental exercise is the best medicine for lovely Sadie and her veterinarian encourages her to keep it moving!

Her mom proudly states “ Sadie never meets a stranger; she assumes everyone is there to see and love on her and with a face like that – who could resist!”


Update:  May 29, 2020

With heartfelt thought and consideration of Sadie’s medical condition and the future care she will need, GRRMF Board of Directors has voted to place Sadie in our Sanctuary Dog program. 

Sadie will be lovingly cared for by dear friends of hers; the foster family that cared for her when she was a pup.  This dedicated, experienced and caring foster home has history with Sadie’s past and now will help her live happily each day.  

It is with the devoted care of our special GRRMF foster families and the support of our donors that we are able to give back to these wonderful dogs by giving them a permanent home that will care for their special needs and let them enjoy their best life.  

Sadie will be able to thrive in her beautiful world of leash games, butterflies, birds and sweet scents of blossoms in the air.



Update:  May 27, 2020

Sadie has now been with her loving foster family for six weeks. During that time she experienced a few seizures, her medication has been adjusted and the seizures have not reoccured. Sadie originally came to GRRMF in 2017 as a young puppy that had bonding and aggression issues. GRRMF could tell she was a special girl on many levels.  She would be the typical sweet puppy and then flip a switch to become snarly and reactive. Sadie also seemed to have some problems being aware of where her body was in relation to objects or humans.  

GRRMF had Sadie examined by a neurologist and it was determined that she possibly had hydrocephalus and a spinal issue in her lower back.  This explained why she acted out on occasion, she was hurting and she didn’t know why.  Sadie was fostered for a long time by one of our loving and caring volunteers who did an amazing job earning her trust and just letting her be herself.  During that time it was discovered that Sadie had Secondary Addison’s disease, a hormonal disorder that will cause a countless number of symptoms making a dog feel miserable and uncomfortable.  Eventually the right “cocktail” of medication was found that alleviated the Addison’s symptoms and eliminated the spinal discomfort. Sadie was still a special girl, spending much of her time in her own little happy world.  Sadie was adopted by a loving family until this past April when they could no longer care for her due to the development of her seizures.  

GRRMF had Sadie examined again by the neurologist and a new MRI showed further deterioration of brain tissue, primarily in the cerebellum which most likely plays a part in her being unaware of of where her body is in relation to objects and humans and the onset of seizures.  “Sadie is like ‘Ground Hog Day’ or ’50 first dates,’ she functions and greets life joyfully,” states GRRMF Medical and Foster Coordinator.  Our Sadie gets along great with foster siblings as long as they are calm, well-adjusted and tolerant of her funny behaviors and the way she approaches life and the world. 

Sadie is a lucky lady in many ways, her current foster parents have the patience, experience and love she needs.  She functions in her own world amusing herself with a towel, then off to wrestling with the leash or taking her leash for a walk.  Sometimes she gazes at a bird or butterfly or  enjoys the scent of the blossoms on the gardenia bush.  She loves to sit in the sun and her foster mom has dressed her with a new sun bonnet to protect her skin from the UV rays. Her foster mom chuckles and says that Sadie must be thinking, “if I have to wear this hat until my hair grows, please get me a bottle of hair restorer, quickly!” 

Sadie isn’t a snuggle bunny, but she communicates with snorts and barks to go potty, I’m bored, feed me, I don’t like my nails trimmed and I adore being brushed. 

It’s hard for Sadie to learn and retain information.  Every time is like the first time, “she is like a little puppy – everything is new,” explains her foster mom.  Her foster mom endearingly sums up Sadie by saying “She will always be an innocent little puppy in her mind and in her own beautiful world. We should all be forever young and happy!”

It is likely that Sadie’s medical needs will increase with time as her brain functions deteriorate. GRRMF doesn’t know exactly how her life will be in the future; all we know is that this sweet, innocent girl deserves the best life we can give her. 


“Sadie is full of pure joy,” her foster mom gushes.  She is always happy, constantly inquisitive and extremely loving.  One look at her beautiful face and anyone can see that!

Although she’s only been with her foster family for a short time, Sadie already has a routine.  Before breakfast she patrols her backyard sniffing out new smells and is quick to sound the alarm if she spots a bird singing or squirrel on the fence!  If a garden tool has been left out overnight, Sadie lets her foster mom know that as well.  Once the yard has been secured it’s play time with frisbees, soap bubbles and her foster four-legged siblings.  “I toss a small blue towel into the air,” her foster mom says, “Sadie thinks it’s alive and grabs, shakes it, tosses it back into the air several times, catches it and runs around the yard with it.  It’s fun to watch her.”

Sadie is a special needs golden.  She suffers from seizures and is on medication that is managing her condition.  She will need to stay on her prescription the rest of her life.  In the time she has been with her fosters and on her medication, Sadie has not had any seizures.

Other than her situation, Sadie is happy and healthy girl.  She gets along well with other dogs and cats, is housebroken and doesn’t need a crate.  In fact, she sleeps in her bed at night with all four paws up in the air!



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