Nala Aubrey #3761

Nala Aubrey #3761

Age: 11 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Status: Sanctuary

Update:  May 20, 2020

Nala is flourishing in her forever home and new life. She’s living the high life, with her own personal chef and play pals.  

Nala is a picky eater so mom gets to work in the kitchen and prepares her favorite food, baked chicken breast with all the drippings.  In addition to eating her “old lady food”, she gets some baked chicken Au Jus cut in cubed pieces to compliment her meal. It’s quite an event to watch Nala when she smells the chicken cooking.  As soon as the bell goes off, she is right at mom’s side waiting for that bird to come out of the oven.  Her personal chef has to stall a bit to let it cool off, but once it’s ready -watch out!  Nala loves that tasty chicken, especially when it’s fresh out of the oven.  

Nala is very healthy, except for some occasional stomach issues. Mom fixes her right up with some rice, broth or sweet potatoes added to her food.  Initially, she had a lot of skin irritations, now they are very minor. When Nala is biting or scratching an area, her devoted mom stays on top of it by putting a dab of Neosporin on the spot – it works like a charm.

Don’t let this girls age fool you, Nala’s a real quick learner. “She is so smart . . .I wish I had her as a puppy. She is quite a character as long as you can pick up on her cues. There are so many examples of her intelligence, it’s hard to name them all – she still learns like a pup,” her mom proudly boasts.  

Nala loves being close to her mom and is very pleased to have her working at mom right now. When mom isn’t occupying it, she camps out in her favorite chair in their converted office room.  Her preference is for mom to be in her room and then she cuddles in her own bed or swipes her fur brother, Oliver’s, bed.

Nala is very happy and loved in her forever home.  She is a special girl, who found her special family to love her and take care of her every need.



Nala’s mom can’t say enough wonderful things about her. She’s smart, loving, full of energy and gentle. Unfortunately Nala has been adopted twice and without long term success. Since she is most comfortable under the care of her special needs by her loving foster mom, she has been added to our sanctuary program to be a GRRMF adopted pup for the rest of her life. 

When she brings out the leash, Nala’s beautiful face lights up when she sees her leash and walks are probably her favorite activity. She’s perfectly behaved on the leash, never pulling or tugging. Back at home; Nala gets along well with her siblings – a small dog and cat.  “Words just can’t describe how cute it is when the two dogs play together, no roughhousing or running around the house. Just mild mannered play.” Nala also enjoys being outside; again she doesn’t get too crazy. She simply likes exploring nature and cooling off in the family’s baby pool. Snuggle time is key to Nala as well and happily allows her mom to give her lots of doggie massages!

Nala is house broken and doesn’t need a crate. She is wonderfully behaved in the house.

Moms are always right…there really aren’t enough words to describe how wonderful Nala is.


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