Lizzie Janis #3291

Lizzie Janis #3291

Lizzie Janis sanctuary dog

Age: 8 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Status: Sanctuary



Update:  November 22, 2021

Our dear Lizzie has been sleeping more lately. She doesn’t have much of an appetite and refuses her medication most of the time.  Nevertheless, this sweet girl still wags her tail and wants to be loved and cuddled by her family.  Her loving mom is keeping her comfortable and she is in no distress at this time.  

Lizzie is hanging in there with the love, care and attention she receives from her loving family.  She is happiest just being with them and feeling their gently touch stroking her softly while she dreams sweet dreams. 

Update: June 13, 2021

Predicted to live only three to five years, our sweet Lizzie just turned eight last month!  Her life is  filled with love from her family, a new foster pal, Remi (who she likes), camping trips and enjoying the great outdoors.  Tuesday she will undergo a procedure to remove excess fluid that is building up around her heart.  Whatever the outcome, her life is full with all the things she loves and her loving family hold her close to their hearts and say, “she’s till as beautiful as ever!!”  Ever beautiful is she and every new day is a special gift for this sweet girl.  

Update: December 1, 2020
Even with her heart condition, that requires multiple medications each day, Lizzie continues to enjoy her life with her family. Lizzie has always been a mellow and lovable companion, who has only brought love and happiness to her family. She will never shy away from a good belly rub or an invitation to lay in someone’s lap. A couple of Lizzie’s favorite activities include camping and car rides. Lizzie goes camping once or twice a month with her family. She is especially fond of car rides and trips with her loved ones. Although Lizzie has always shown a lack of interest in food, she enjoys a good treat or cookie, especially this time of year! Lizzie will be spending this holiday season in the company of her loving family.

Through your generous donations to our Sanctuary Program, Lizzie is loved and well cared for my her GRRMF family. Her life has been enriched with fun camping trips, car rides, great medical care and love from her family and friends.


Update: April 2020

“It seems no one ever told Lizzie that she’s sick,” or so her foster mom says. “She’s very happy and prances around when it’s time for a cookie!” But Lizzie’s heart condition requires her to take 7 pills twice a day and a short walk all but exhausts her.  She also faints occasionally; her mom and dad just hold her until the episode passes.

Lizzie has lived well beyond her 5-year life expectancy thanks to her foster parents, who “love her to pieces,” and her wonderful medical team.

Lizzie Janis came to GRRMF in July 2015 and our veterinary team diagnosed this sweet youngster with a cardiac defect requiring daily heart medications and visits to a cardiologist twice a year.  Based on her costly care and uncertain life expectancy, Lizzie was placed in our Sanctuary Program.  She is a typical 3 year old who accepts no boundaries for her heart condition and embraces each sunrise as a gift of another day.

Lizzie enjoys trips to the beach where she romps in the surf and then rolls in the sand, knowing that she will be bathed afterwards and receive lots of pampering and grooming.   Some dogs love belly rubs but our Lizzie’s special spot is the bridge of her nose, which puts her exactly at eye level so her soulful eyes can bore all the love and compassion she has deep into your heart.  Young and playful, she is the “Queen of Opportunity” when your back is turned, showing up with socks or carrying a destuffed toy, but her favorite is the flat golden retriever that gives her great pleasure to toss in the air and carry around in her mouth.

Lizzie is responding well to her heart medications and the cardiology staff looks forward to her ultrasound visit every six months.   She is the perfect patient who simply rolls over to give them the best view of her heart and requires no sedation.  Of course she never leaves without giving each staff member happy tail wags and kisses!

Lizzie’s caregivers have this to say about our brave and courageous girl – “Lizzie has become an important part of our lives and has taught us steadfastness because she is so giving.  Not knowing how long we will have with her makes every moment amazing and we enjoy spoiling her.   We feel blessed being Lizzie’s caregiver because our hearts were meant to be together.  Being a hospice nurse and helping people cope each day makes taking care of Lizzie an honor.  We are so happy that GRRMF trusted us with her care.”

Through your generous donations to our Sanctuary Program, GRRMF is able to give Lizzie another sunrise, another day to be playful and carefree.  Without her costly heart meds this would not be possible.  Every time you see a sunrise, think of Lizzie – She will be watching and blessing you!


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