Leo Madison #3512

Leo Madison #3512

Age: 5 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Status: Sanctuary

A loving dog, Leo is always by your side, or within a few feet!  Once you start to cuddle with Leo, he’s yours for life!

Unfortunately, Leo’s insides are not as loving as his character, his bloodwork came back indicating extreme liver problems.  To insure he got the best and proper treatment, GRRMF took Leo to a specialist.  Results from his ultrasound, liver biopsy and abdominal fluid tap showed he has significant abnormality of the liver or liver disease.  This will require a lifetime for Leo of special diets, monitoring and treatments.  The testing and monitoring alone will cost GRRMF over $ 5,000.00 for Leo.  Read below for Leo’s bio and please help us give him the life this boy deserves.

The news of Leo’s liver disease broke his foster mom’s heart.  “He is such a good boy!”, she said,  ‘He is quite the gentleman.”

Leo will take food and treats gently, will walk to the door and give a short bark if he needs to go out, either to chase a lizard, squirrel or go potty.  He walks well on a leash, sitting when you stop to chat.  Leo gets along with the neighbors dogs, both big and small, will announce if someone comes to the door, and will get his leash if you’ve left it at his level.  Although Leo doesn’t chew, you will find him carrying around a toy or perhaps that shoe you forgot to put away.



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