Klaus Duke #3877

Klaus Duke #3877

Age: 10 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Status: Sanctuary


Update: October 31, 2021

A quiet and stoic boy, Klaus is fighting his illness and feeling pretty good these days; he’s happier and enjoys being at his mom’s side.  Klaus has learned to communicate in his own way and follows verbal communications and commands. According to his mom, he never makes a sound but he can tell her what he needs by his physical movements and head gestures.

Klaus has never enjoyed the great outdoors until recently he found a patch of shade and watched his mom pull weeds from the garden.  He enjoys being outside now and really loves being petted gently from head to toe. His mom says, “When he looks at me with those big brown eyes and wags his tail, I wonder what his life was like before.  Our vet said he thinks he lived his whole life with me -I hope that’s true . . .because those big brown eyes sure do look happy!”

Whatever his past might have been, his life is richer and better because of the wonderful volunteers who open their homes to deserving dogs like Klaus.  If you want to donate to a feel good cause, the GRRMF Sanctuary program is it!  Just watch the love and smiles that will come back to you by caring for them.

Update: February 6, 2021 

Our dear Klaus has undergone extensive testing, medical reviews and consultations.  Expert veterinary specialists assessed surgery to remove the masses, however, due to the significant advancement of disease, surgery is simply not a viable option. The decision was made not to do surgery but to support Klaus with loving and special comfort and care. Klaus has had an appointment with the homeopathic vet, and acupuncture and herbal supplements will be added to his existing medications.  Please help us with any donation you can make today to help us with his care plan expenses. 

This once lonely and laid back guy may not have received the prognosis we were hoping for but he will live the rest of his time in a loving GRRMF permanent foster home that will take care of his every need. Klaus isn’t lonely anymore, he is happy in his foster home, living with his foster mom and his little fur buddy and brother Oliver. Even the two kitties say, “we dig you man, you are part of our family now!” His dedicated foster mom reports that, “Klaus wags his tail a lot, follows me around the house and loves food time.” He has days of feeling well and other days that he needs a helping hand to get him back on track. His foster mom and little buddy, Oliver, are always there to reassure him and help him find his way.

Klaus has become part of our Sanctuary dog family. We are so grateful to have wonderful volunteer fosters and supporters that allow us to give these special dogs a permanent place to live with gentle and loving care for the rest of their days.

Love and Kindness are never wasted.
They always make a difference.
They bless the one who receives them,
And they bless you, the giver.
Barbara De Angelis


Update February 3, 2021:

Klaus was scheduled for surgery today but the results from testing has shown that Klaus has cancer and it would be best not to perform surgery.  With this decision, GRRMF has voted Klaus to become our next Sanctuary dog.  His bio will be updated and moved to the Sanctuary page shortly.


A lonely boy needing medical care and love came to GRRMF from a local animal shelter who knew that our ongoing mission is to save, protect, and rehome golden retrievers and retriever blends that have lost their home and family. Klaus, is that boy, and all the dogs we rescue are our mission. 

Klaus is a laid back and sweet guy that doesn’t let much phase him. He has had a busy few weeks getting acquainted with new surroundings and new experiences.  Dogs with normal lives, have toys, soft beds, good food, love and attention but that doesn’t seem to be the kind of life that Klaus has experienced.  With the help of his dedicated and loving foster family, he will have the opportunity to have those experiences and get the medical care and love he so deserves.

Before Klaus can totally be the dog he wants to be, he will have to go through some medical procedures to correct his health issues.  When he came to GRRMF his abdomen was very bloated and his initial medical examination showed a nodule on his spleen and a mesentery( a curtain like tissue that lines the abdominal cavity) mass in the fatty tissue surrounding the small intestines.  If that wasn’t enough, the poor fellow had pancreatitis and suffered a seizure, both of which are now under control with medications and a proper diet. His new low-fat diet is reducing the bloating and the medication for inflammation is helping him feel more comfortable.

Thankfully, Klaus’ neurological consult was normal and there was no need for further tests at this time.  Klaus will need to have surgery to remove his spleen and the mass but first he will need to be on his seizure medication for two weeks, followed by blood work to confirm his liver function is normal. 

But don’t worry- Klaus just keeps on moving no matter what! After he started feeling comfortable in his foster home and realized the sliding glass door wasn’t going to eat him, he started to wag his tail and look for affection from his foster mom.  He is enjoying knowing when he will get his next meal and when he will be let out to potty.  Perhaps he has spent too much time outdoors, as he likes to take a little walk around the yard, sniff, sniff, do his thing and come back inside. 

Klaus is easy going and is getting along well with his little foster fur brother. “The cats, who were terrified of him at first, are now drinking his water while he is eating his food right next to them,” remarks his foster mom. He pays no mind to the lizard or squirrels and ignored the dogs he passed while on his walk.  Children have not been introduced to Klaus yet but he is doing well in an adult home. Klaus has stronger front legs than rear legs and therefore he does not jump and he has difficulty with multiple stairs. He is house broken and doesn’t need to be confined in a crate. Toys may be a hobby he will pick up later when he is feeling better but for now he hasn’t shown much interest in them.  

This sweet boy has a lot to learn and much to go through before he is well.  He is slowly responding to more words and with patience and love from his foster mom he will soon be a shining star.  His foster mom describes Klaus as a “very quiet, sweet, timid and nice guy to have around.”

Klaus needs a village to help him be happy, healthy and find his forever home.  GRRMF has this village – full of dedicated professionals, volunteers and supporters that will give their time and donations to give him the happiest New Year he has ever known. 


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