Kaci and Kinzi

Kaci and Kinzi

Kaci, now 13, was adopted 10 years ago and with her sweet and loving personality was a natural and flew through her certification with Project PUP, needing no instructions to walk up to someone in a wheel chair or give them a nudge for a little pet that was quickly repaid with licks of approval. On numerous occasions Kaci’s visit would open up a shy or quiet person who would share stories of their own pet and how they missed them.

Kinzi, now 4, was adopted 2 years ago and enjoys meeting people despite her inhumane past. After spending her first two years outdoors in a crate, she is making up for lost time interacting with people. Kinzi sailed through training with her natural ability to listen and carry out commands. She is extremely affectionate and just wants to ooze into those she visits for hugs, sitting very still and calm. She brings smiles to everyone she meets and is loved by all.

“Our job as handlers is not difficult as the dogs do all the work providing hugs and kisses,” reports the mother-daughter handler team. “They are the tail wagging visitor who calms a sick patient, listens to a child reading, and brings happiness to an elderly person who fondly remembers their pets. Giving back to the community and putting a smile on someone’s face is a very rewarding experience.”


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