Jackson Jaggar #3423

Jackson Jaggar #3423

Age: 11 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Status: Sanctuary

Our sweet boy, Jackson, was surrendered to GRRMF and desperately needed some tender loving care and help from Healing Hearts.  Talk about a trooper!  This guy has been suffering with severe allergies that became infected from lack of proper medical care and attention.  His soft brown eyes were also in danger of being compromised due to inflammation and infection. Due to his ongoing medical care requirements and age, Jackson was moved to our Sanctuary program on June 16th.

Jackson was clearly in pain, he was lethargic, hardly moved and just didn’t have that golden glow that we expect from our canine friends.  His skin infections were so painful, he could hardly move.  Having such severe need of medical attention, his loving foster family came to the rescue and have been driving long distances to get him the best care available for his skin and eye conditions.

Jackson has been receiving medical care for several months and he is very slowly starting to show signs of returning health and interest in his surroundings.  This sweet soul is still in poor health, but it proves you just can’t keep a golden down, no matter how bad they feel.  But he is on the mend and is starting to show signs of being an accomplished beggar (with good manners- when his efforts are declined). He is a real gentleman around the house with his canine and feline friends. He’s a typical golden that wants to be with his people and loves a good belly rub.  So he’s anxious to get better and we know with all of our help, he will get back on track.

It will take some time for Jackson to fully recuperate from his severe skin conditions. Lots of trips to the vet, medications and tender loving care will help this gentle guy get on his feet and back to enjoying the fun life he deserves.

With your generous donations, lots of love and care from his foster and his drive to be the best he can be, we can all help him together.  Jackson promises to return that love-twofold!  We have no doubt!