Jack Marsh #3948

Jack Marsh #3948

Age: 5 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Labrador Retriever Blend

Weight: 50 lbs.

Status: Matched for Adoption

Starved for food and attention this sweet Louisiana boy couldn’t be passed up by GRRMF.  Not only was Jack suffering from malnutrition but he had kennel cough and is heartworm positive. But don’t think that stops this boy, he loves being active playing ball and jumping in his foster families pool.  Too bad he can’t enjoy all that frolicking right now as it is very important that his activities are limited during the four month heartworm treatment he will be receiving.  His experienced foster family has a handle on Jack’s activities and will make sure he gets the rest, nutrition and attention he needs; even if they have to jump in the pool themselves to make sure he isn’t overexerting himself. 

“Other than trying to eat everything in sight, he is a very sweet dog. It breaks our heart to see him in this condition. He has very little muscle mass right now, so he doesn’t walk well at this point.  It’s hard to be upset with him when he does things like take the gluten free bread off the counter and eats it; he is so starved for food and attention. Once he is more comfortable with his surroundings and feels safe and cared for, we will look forward to working with him and GRRMF on some of the behavior issues,” states his supportive foster mom.

Jack is a friendly guy who loves children, gets along great with his foster fur sibling and gives the cats a quick sniff and lets them be.  Even the chickens at his foster home don’t seem to mind him being there.  He’s a happy boy that seems to like everything except being alone. He doesn’t care much for the crate but is kept there when his foster family goes out so he will be safe, rest and not raid the pantry! 

Belly rubs, swimming, playing ball and hanging out with his foster family are some of his favorite things.  His foster mom is pretty sure he is going to be a great water dog that will play ball and swim often when his strength and endurance returns. He behaves very well in the house, is house broken and knows how to sit, stay and shake. At one time, perhaps he had a very happy life and was loved but he seems to have had a rough time of things lately. Little does he know how lucky he is now and how well taken care of and loved he will be.  When he is well and healthy he will run with the wind, play fetch and take a dip in the pool. You can hear him saying  “Thank You GRRMF supporters, professionals and volunteers for helping me get well so I can find my forever home- You’re the Best!”  


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