Harvey Sonny #3569

Harvey Sonny #3569

Age: 7 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 47.5 lbs

Status: Ready For Adoption

This sweet, precious boy was rescued by a good Samaritan who nursed him back to health before turning him over to GRRMF.

Harvey was reluctant at first to get out of the transport car but was very responsive to treats! He did relax when he realized that there was another dog around in the foster’s home. His tail came out from under him and he really started to warm up to everyone! At first, he was scared of every strange noise he heard in the house, but after one day he was used to all of them.

Harvey also happens to be one smart dog! He knows basic commands such as paw, sit and come. He loves food and will even work for it! He ‘sits pretty’ when he’s about to get a treat and nudges you with his head if he feels he’s not getting enough attention. He loves his humans and wants to cuddle and be in the same room with you! He loves to play and chase his golden foster sister in the backyard.  He has no interest in his sibling cats or strange animals like lizards and squirrels.

Harvey is currently dealing with a skin infection but he is on medication that is helping to clear it up. He also has to take baths a few times a week with a medicated shampoo, which he is not a fan of at the moment but he does what he has to do because he is such a good boy!

Harvey is trained to go outside when he has to go potty and will let you know when it’s time. Although he loves playing with his sibling golden sister, he sometimes gets overly excited after playtime.  Consequently, they have to be separated when unsupervised until Harvey settles down.

Harvey is so sweet and loving that he would make any family happy! Now, he’s just waiting for that special person or family who has a heart of gold just like the good Samaritan who rescued him. If you are the one for him, get your application in today!