Harley Aubrey #3765

Harley Aubrey #3765

Age: 12 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Status: Sanctuary

Every dog coming into GRRMF goes through an evaluation period to assess behavior and medical needs.  Due to Harley’s ongoing medical issues and expenses, this bonded pair moved to GRRMF’s Sanctuary program in August 2019.


Sadly, Harley lost her sister Shyanne October 17th due to hemangiosarcoma. Although initially sad, Harley is doing very well in her wonderful GRRMF sanctuary home surrounded by her human and 3 other dogs to help her and love her.  Harley’s megaesophagus condition continues to be managed  with special food preparation and small portions and lots of tender loving care.


Harley is a sweet senior lady that is bonded with her sister, Shyanne.  Where one goes, the other isn’t far behind.  Harley’s foster mom, opened her heart and her home for these two sisters to join her other three dogs. The other pups took a liking to both of them right away. 

It seems that Harley and Shyanne surprised their new mom, she thought she was going to get a couple of laid back goldens, little did she know that these old gals still have some get up and go in them.   Harley loves chewing on her soup bones and playing with stuffed toys, making them look like road kill is especially fun! One of her favorite things to do is to go for a morning walk with mom and two of her new siblings.  

When it’s time for a nap or just hanging out, Harley will always look for Shyanne. These sweeties watch out for each other and love being together.  In fact, they might be dubbed the Golden Rollies as they both enjoy rolling in the grass together. Harley adds a little flare to her rolling routine by holding a stuff toy in her mouth while reaching for the sky with her front paws.  They also like to share their pee, pee spots with each other as they roll in the grass- mom didn’t think that was too cool and stays on guard for that little trick.  

Harley has some special needs, along with other conditions that come with age, she has megaesophagus, which is a disorder of the esophagus that causes the muscles to fail to properly send food and liquid from the mouth to the stomach.  Her mom has Harley eat standing up and looking at her while she gives her small amounts of meatball style mushy special food.  Mom reports that they have come up with a way that they both don’t look like they just had a food fight.  

Despite some of the challenges that come with senior dogs, Harley and Shyanne’s mom says it has been a pleasure to open their home to these sweet ladies.  “These two sisters have brought with them so much love to give . . . “ “They are nothing but sweet ladies for sure.”

GRRMF thanks our amazing and dedicated fosters for their selflessness and love.  They open their loving homes and give of their time. Our wonderful supporters help with their generous donations and caring hearts to give these sweet girls and others like them a chance to live out their lives in a loving home.  Harley and Shyanne send all of you sweet kisses, paws up and many thanks. 


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