Dinah Jena #3978

Dinah Jena #3978

Age: 12 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Status: Sanctuary


Update:  October 29, 2021

Despite being blind, Dinah is enjoying life in her forever home with GRRMF.  She is able to respond to recognized voices, her name and is getting around with more confidence.  

Belly rubs, car rides and walks are some of Dinah’s favorite things but what she really enjoys is playing with her rubber squeaky toy. In fact, she loves it so much she will take naps with it and then chew it up until it no longer squeaks.  Tougher squeak toys have been given to this darling but she losses interest because she is too gentle to bite down hard enough to make them squeak.  

Who doesn’t like a good massage, Dinah sure does! A gentle massage around her shoulders and hips with special attention paid to scratching her head and ears is simply the BEST! 

Watching this sweet senior girl play with her squeaky toy and receiving the unconditional love she gives has made everyday a special gift for her GRRMF family. Watch Dinah play with her squeaky toy – it will make you smile and melt your heart!


Please consider being a caregiver for Dinah.

Dinah (pronounced Deenah) is a beautiful and gentle soul.  At 11 years old, this sweet senior has a loving forever home in GRRMF.  

Dinah is blind, but that doesn’t slow her down at all. Recovering from pneumonia, it uncovered an additional diagnosis of mammary cancer. Due to her age and condition, she is not a surgical candidate and she is the newest arrival to our Sanctuary program. We will find solutions for her care and give her a loving forever home in GRRMF.

Dinah was quick to adjust to her  environment when she arrived in her foster home and responds very well to noise and smells. She doesn’t need to be crated or isolated in any way. Dinah lets you know when she needs to go outside.  She also knows how to find her bowls when it’s time to eat or drink. She’s even made friends with her foster family’s seven cats! Be sure to see this sweetie pie reach out to give one of her kitty siblings gentle kisses in her precious video.  3978 Dinah Jena FP4 and kitty video

This golden girl just loves being around people, kids and other dogs.

She knows when you are near and will come up to you and lay close by. Offer her a massage or belly rub and you’ve got a new best friend!

Because Dinah is unable to see, she can be a little unsettled when going on car rides at first. However, all it takes is a little patience and encouragement for her to know everything is alright!

She will receive quality care in GRRMF’s loving arms hopefully for many years to come.


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