Daisy Sallie #3991

Daisy Sallie #3991

Age: 6 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 100 lbs.

Status: Matched for Adoption

“I can’t imagine someone not wanting Daisy!”  Those are her foster’s exact words.  Daisy is a true dream dog.  She’s smart, well behaved, loves people and is always happy.

Daisy is a gentle flower.  She is sweet when meeting people on her walks and always wants to be near her humans.  Daisy completely ignores her foster’s cat but is kind with children and other dogs in her home. Her foster mom says, “I was home one afternoon alone with my office door closed.  When I finished my meeting, I opened the door to find her laying outside patiently waiting for me.”  What a good girl!

Daisy’s not really into chasing lizards or squirrels.  What she really enjoys are her stuffed animals.  She carries them everywhere and likes to play fetch with them.

She’s also housebroken and doesn’t need a crate. A super smart girl, she listens to all commands and after just one walk, she knew which house was hers!

Her foster mom tells a cute story, “She loves snuggles and hugs.  She fell asleep sitting on the couch while I rubbed her nose and head.  Literally, started snoring sitting up!”

This beautiful blossom needs a loving family.  She will shower you with doggy kisses and affection and be your ever-faithful best friend. Is Daisy the missing flower in your garden?


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