Cruisin Jamison #3491

Cruisin Jamison #3491

Age: 5 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 56 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

Cruisin is a cute four-year-old golden boy blend that came to GRRMF through owner surrender.

Update 5/18/18

Cruisin is helping his foster parents welcome another GRRMF foster into their home.  They go for car rides together and look out the windows at home to see what is going on outside.

Car rides are still Cruisin’s most favorite activity and his foster mom reports that as soon as she puts on shoes and grabs her handbag, he is jumping for joy in hopes of going somewhere with her.  He is very smart and looks forward to his training sessions and even started scent training.  His foster parents hide treats in boxes and around the room and let him go find them.

He is not really a morning “person” and loves to sleep in! But the afternoon and evenings are a different story.  Cruisin looks for his family and seeks attention once the clock ticks past noon.  Even though he loves to nap, he often  gets big bursts of energy in the afternoon and gets the zoomies.  He gets to travel to the family beach condo where loves to listen to the sounds of the waves!  His favorite vacation pastime is to lounge on the deck gazing at the beautiful view, while listening to the calm ocean sounds and sniffing the healthy salt air.

On a normal day, he dances with joy and wiggles with anticipation when it is time to go for a car ride.  He gets so excited and runs to greet his foster parents when they come home.   He likes to be in the general area of his family and keeps an eye or ear on them, but enjoys his personal space and is usually found sleeping in a room nearby.

He also loves to stretch out and snooze and get his belly rubbed. When he is seeking attention, he will paw at you to continue to rub his belly if you stop too soon. His biggest fears are the thunder and rain but we have medication to help him feel better. During storms he looks to snuggle with his foster mom for comfort.  He is smart and learns fast but can be stubborn and will only do certain behaviors if he wants to (treat or no treat).

He can get overstimulated when pet too much, so his humans listen to him and try to limit petting to a few strokes at a time.  Although he does well with kids he meets on walks and is usually very excited to meet them, we think he would do best with a family with no young children and with older children who will respect his boundaries and personal space.

Shortly after arriving, it was obvious that he wasn’t settling into his new environment and was anxious, grumpy and temperamental at times.  We knew Cruisin needed a little extra help and together with his foster parents, Cruisin started working with a behaviorist and a force free trainer to help ease his stress and anxiety. There are no kids in his foster home, making it a quiet place for him to gain confidence.  With medicine and behavior modification, Cruisin has become much more confident and less reactive to uncomfortable situations.

We believe in Cruisin and are so proud of him and of how far he has come.  He is now ready to go to his ‘fur’ever home and he is looking for a family that has a very mellow canine member with patience, who is laid back and can show him the way to love, comfort and security.

Are you that special dog and patient family?  Get your application in today.