Cody – ATD handler Lysee

Cody, a goldendoodle blend, was adopted by Mark and Lysee and has not only been a devoted supporter for his Dad, but also for many others at Brevard Cancer Centers where he is lovingly referred to as “the big white dog” and was recently named as their Ambassador.

Mark shared Cody’s story with us – “In October 2015 we adopted our wonderful goldendoodle Cody from GRRMF.  He quickly became a central part of our family.  We noticed that everyone he met fell in love with him. He is gentle, kind, passive and absolutely in need of hugs and neck rubs.  Curiously enough, I am a cancer patient and we noticed Cody took particular attention to me and would follow me around everywhere I went.  He seemed to sense I had some issues, and in his own way, wanted to show his support and devotion.  That got us thinking; maybe he could share that compassion with others.

In December we had him observed and evaluated by Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) and he was certified after three observation sessions.  We thought he might have had some training in his previous life.  He completed his observations and received his certification so now he can share his loving and gentle personality with those who may need a paw, a hug, or even a kiss from “the big white dog”.

Now certified, Cody is a therapy dog and making the rounds at senior citizen homes, healthcare facilities and cancer centers. In fact he has been designated as Ambassador for the Cancer Centers of Brevard organization and can visit all their locations.  When he visits you can see the faces of the patients light up as Cody comes and sits by their sides, puts his head in their laps and just shares his energy and gentle spirit with people who can use the assistance of “the big white dog.”


Cody and Bailey, another GRRMF canine volunteer, enjoy visiting the Fountains of Melbourne once a month.  His happy smiles and constant tail wags bring joy to the residents and staff.  Cody is also an East Coast ambassador at GRRMF sponsored events.


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