Chopper – Project PUP (handlers Rick and Cindy)

Meet Chopper, our first Loving Friends Transport rescue out of Louisiana, who arrived heartworm positive and was on our website and Facebook page for an extended period of time waiting for the right family to adopt him and his foster sibling, Denali, as a pair. Well that magic day happened and his Mom and Dad adore this special pair.  Chopper continues to mentor Denali, and is also paying it forward as a therapy dog in his community.

“Chopper is a very outgoing and loves the interaction of meeting new people, the more the better” reports Cindy. “Our decision to do therapy work was motivated by personal observations visiting dogs had on patients under my nursing car and we chose Project PUP based on recommendations of neighbors and friends involved with the organization. Being a large dog and weighing 78 pounds, Rick and I were concerned that his size might be intimidating but actually the opposite happened. We found that the patients were able to easily pet him and he could respond accordingly – PLUS he is the perfect height for a wheelchair bound person! Chopper is a natural and visits nursing homes, ACLFs and acute hospitals weekly.”

Chopper visits twice monthly at the Oaks of Clearwater which is an all service ACLF, Nursing Home and assisted living center. He has forged a strong relationship with the Oak’s staff as well as many of the patients. Chopper also does bi-monthly visits at the Belle Vista facilities in Clearwater and Largo.

Chopper Therapy work 2

(Photo courtesy of Oaks of Clearwater)


Update: August 18, 2017 – Sadly Chopper went to the bridge after suffering a stroke. We believe he and Denali (who passed in March 2017) are celebrating their joyous reunion.


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