Barney Fess #3904

Barney Fess #3904

Age: 11 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Labrador Retriever Blend

Status: Sanctuary


Update: November 12, 2021

Melting his mother’s heart is easy. All Barney has to do is sleep and one ear sticks up. Then, all he has to do is walk and that same ear flops up and down.

Shy, sweet and slowly emerging from his soft doggy shell, he not only relishes romping about with Marley and Toby, his two doggy brothers, he’s now playing with toys and asking for pets more and more often.

When he first arrived, he found himself a dog bed and spent most of the day on it, sleeping. And while he still loves lounging about on one, he’s much more alert and increasingly more involved in the household’s daily routine. He loves taking walks, loping around the backyard, chasing after lizards and squirrels, or simply watching the bunnies and other wildlife with eyes wide with wonder.

His mom’s faithful “co-worker”, he keeps her company in the home office, loyally lending her moral support while nibbling on his favorite snacks. More comfortable now riding in the car, Barney travels everywhere with the family and has already been to a college, the beach and the mountains. 



As we expand our mission to include Labrador Retrievers and Lab mixes, our partnering shelters reach out to us more and more.  Our reputation precedes us, and they know we will do our very best to provide medical care and love to the dogs entrusted to us.

Barney is one of those dogs that we truly were his last hope.  He is a very thin, ten year old, yellow lab mix who has seen way too much hardship for a dog.

Barney came to us with ear infections in both ears, dental problems, some skin issues and a mass on his left front paw.  His foster family has been taking things slowly to help him adjust to his new environment. Barney is timid and shy, but he has started to warm up to his foster family and he is getting along well with the two family goldens.  

What a story Barney could tell us if only he could talk. This gentle dog doesn’t appear to have had many luxuries in his life and he is so appreciative to have a soft and comfy orthopedic bed to cuddle up on.  He has been enjoying the several small meals a day he is hand fed by his dedicated foster family.  Since he is so very thin, his stomach can handle smalls meals throughout the day better than two large meals.  “We sit with him away from the other dogs to get him to eat, he is very timid about eating and this seems to comfort him to have us near,” reports his foster mom.  Barney hasn’t been introduced to children or cats but for now, he is enjoying walks and snuggling up to take a nap next to his foster parents feet.  

Barney’s ear infections have now cleared up with antibiotics. He has been getting medication baths twice a day to help with his skin conditions. Even though a lot of his hair hasn’t grown back yet, he sure does smell and feel better.  He shows his appreciation and affection by putting his head on his foster parents laps and rubbing his head on their legs.  How good that must feel to him to have some relief from those skin irritations, how good it must be to feel loved and cared for. This very “chill” guy doesn’t startle with loud noises or bark-he is a quiet boy that enjoys hanging out with his foster family and following them around.  He does a drive-by with toys and may show more interest once his dental problems improve.

GRRMF recently sent Barney to the internal medicine specialists to address the mass on his paw and oral decay.  Unfortunately, the news wasn’t what was expected…Barney has an abdominal mass near his prostate with lymph node involvement. The mass on his left paw doesn’t bother him and therefore, surgery is not recommended. Supportive care and lots of love is what was recommended for Barney to enjoy and that’s what our GRRMF family will provide for him.  The antibiotics have helped with Barney’s oral decay and GRRMF is arranging an appointment with the holistic/rehabilitation doctor to see if acupuncture or herbal remedies might provide Barney with additional comfort. 

Due to Barney’s recent diagnosis, GRRMF has welcomed Barney in to our very important Sanctuary program.  A place were dogs who have such serious medical problems that they would not be adoptable will live in a loving forever home with a GRRMF foster family. With the help of our wonderful supporters and our dedicated foster families, these deserving dogs will receive the supportive care and love they need for the rest of their lives.   

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”
― Karen Davison


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