Ace Oldsmar #3577

Ace Oldsmar #3577

Age: 12 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Status: Sanctuary

UPDATE:  The GRRMF Board of Directors voted to move Ace to Sanctuary status.  This sweet boy will live out his life under the care of a Sanctuary foster and GRRMF veterinarian’s care.  His health conditions proved to be too much for the average family.  With your financial support, GRRMF is able to place Ace in a Sanctuary home where he will live out the rest of his days.  Like all rescues, Ace’s Christmas wish was to have a place to call home, with your continued generosity that will come true.  For that Ace thanks all his donors that have come to his aid.

Ace came to GRRMF when his family of 12 years could no longer care for him.  The vet referred to poor Ace, after his initial checkup, as “one hot mess”!!  He is under weight, has both ear & skin infections and hookworms but thankfully no heartworms.

All of this can be fixed!

GRRMF will not quit on Ace in his quest to be healthy once again.  As you can imagine, his important treatments and vet visits greatly drain our medical fund.  We hope you will consider donating to Ace’s fund by clicking on the PayPal button above and help Ace become the wonderful boy the vet can see deep inside his beautiful eyes.

Your generosity to enable his wellness is the gift Ace is dreaming of this holiday season.

Ace’s latest update is that he is clear of hookworms but is still being treated for ear and skin infections. He is also undergoing a treatment of different medications to help improve his mobility.  This is proving to be quite expensive as Ace is 12 and not as tolerant to new medicines as a younger dog may be. He does need one on one help to get around, as he does fall sometimes and needs help getting up.  Both GRRMF and Ace’s vet are hoping that once he gains some weight and gets stronger and healthier with good nutrition, this sweet boy will be better able to cope.

Ace was anxious when he first arrived, but given he was very ill and proving some old folks don’t like change, he came around once he received love, reassurance and the treatments started working. Knowing he wasn’t feeling his best, his fosters let him become familiar with his new surroundings at his pace.  He now is happy to be around children and other dogs and cats, although he will bark at cats that are in his yard!

He also enjoys the hot tub, (who of us doesn’t) but be prepared to help him get out!    He is deaf so he isn’t always aware when his humans come into a room, but when he sees them, his tail starts wagging and he’s one very happy boy!

Ace is very loving and enjoys carrying things in his mouth, even a pair of shoes! He is very gentle though and won’t hurt whatever is in his mouth. He loves to get attention and enjoys belly rubs when he can get them. He finds grooming very relaxing and will fall asleep! Ace is very cuddly and likes to be around and be able to see his humans. He is usually a very well behaved boy and will sleep when his humans are gone. His preference is sleeping with his back against the garage door until they return.  He does, however, have some bad habits that require supervision like paper shredding and food stealing.  You have to love that sweet face though when he says he is sorry for being naughty.

Ace’s road to being medically cleared will take some time but will be on his way to wellness, thanks to you.

Thank you for helping this precious senior.