Games to exercise the mind

Oakley has found a new puzzle

Oakley is about 30 days post surgery and he is doing well but is still on activity restrictions – no fetching, running, or long walks.  He is limping which is expected and his only complication is a seroma at the top of his leg – a fluid accumulation – which the vet is monitoring.  Usually these absorb over time.   His arm has pins and plates as he had a spiral fracture of his upper right leg due to being hit by a car.  He goes for his next orthopedic followup on February 12th.

Oakley’s medical expense is approximately $4,000 with $995 donated for his expenses to date. We are hoping for more help to restore our medical fund to continue to support Oakley’s needs.

Now one of the additional challenges with this wonderful 1 1/2 year old pup,  as we are so thankful he is feeling better,  is that he is full of energy, and his foster home has to find ways to channel that without intense exercise.  So, Oakley’s days are full of fun puzzles and kongs filled with frozen dog food and training!  His favorite new puzzle is called a Hide and Slide. Check out his introduction to this new energy burning aid on his video! He is a natural!

Oakley recently met with one of our wonderful trainers so Oakley and his foster family could learn how to proceed with manners training and also some nose work games to help wear him out.  One nose work game involved using about 6 small cardboard boxes, and placing a treat in one of them. Then Oakley was allowed to sniff out the treat. Once successful, the boxes are shuffled around and another treat hidden.  He was so excited to hunt for the treats!  After the trainer left, he sacked out on the sofa and slept for hours.

It is amazing how tiring out their noses and brains works as good as exercise!

These types of aids are a wonderful way to keep your pup or dog active and happy when physical activity cannot be part of a dogs daily routine.  Read more information about nose works  and busy mind puzzles and games that can help you integrate these activities into your dogs life.


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