Walk & Donate


Here’s a simple way to support us and get fit at the same time!!

Before you head out the door next time download ResQwalk, a mobile app that will earn money for us with every step you take. The app tracks the distance walked in miles (or kilometers for those of you in Canada) and for each mile walked, ResQwalk donates about 20 cents to your GRRMF!


Just use the “search” feature and type in “Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida”, and when it comes up press “start”, walk at least .1 miles, and press “finish” when done. Each user’s distance is recorded and added to the weekly amount raised for rescue. At the end of the week donations are paid out to the rescues proportionally to the total distance walked – meaning the more you walk for us, the more money we will receive from the pool. And you don’t have to just walk with your dog. Walk to the store or around the mall. Get on a treadmill at the gym. Every step counts!