Max Madison #3507

Max Madison #3507

3507Max MadisonAFP_opt 350

Age: 5 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 70 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption

This gorgeous boy found himself in need of help from GRRMF because his owner became too ill to take care of him and wanted him to be happy.3507MaxMadison BFP

Max is very tall and lanky and has the sweetest eyes. Although he was unsure where he fit when he first joined his foster canine siblings, he is coming into his own as he is very playful and talkative to get their attention. He is learning to understand when they have had enough as he is very high energy! He loves to play and will often engage the other dogs to join him and they love to run together outside in the yard. He like to chase the ball and then will look at it – wondering why isn’t it moving. Silly boy!

Max is leash trained and even though sometimes he pulls, he easily adjusts to a calmer walk. Of course, this cuddly cutie pie loves kisses and belly rubs and will come up to you a nudge you with his nose, if he feels he is not getting your attention. Max is not sure he likes babies and the noises they make which is an important consideration for his adoption to the right family to meet his needs.

He isn’t quite sure that he likes grooming yet but he does let you brush him for a short time. He barks at you to say hello when you arrive home and to let you know when it is time to eat. This young man knows his commands and is learning new ones from his foster parents, including down and give me your paw. He is smart and a fast learner and is very good at letting his parents know that he needs to go out.

This Velcro boy is a lover but also independent and confident. He is eager to find his “fur”ever home and settle in – perhaps with a dog playmate or two!  3507MaxMadison AFP