Fury Fernanda #3505

Fury Fernanda #3505

Age: 12 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 57 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

Fury Fernanda came into rescue when her owner had medical issues and could not keep her.  3505FuryFernandaBFPA very laid back lady, Fury had no trouble quickly fitting into her foster home and getting acquainted with the other dog and cats in the household.  She does not appear interested in toys or playing fetch although she loves sitting on the lanai with her foster mom every morning.3505FuryFernandaCFP (2) She appears to favor her foster mom over the rest of the family and occasionally appears anxious when mom is away from home. Fury rides well in the car, loves to lick, loves to roll over on her back for belly rubs and “all in all is an absolute pleasure” according to her foster mom.

Fury and her foster sibling get along well, even ignoring each others food bowls and each will sit quietly waiting for a promised treat. Fury doesn’t appear to have any reaction to loud noises such as thunder or lightning and remained calm and cuddly during a recent tornado warning that had her foster mom a bit nervous.

Fury is house trained and knows commands sit, come, and stay. Her foster mom is working with her on the only issue that has appeared when outside – Fury will 3505FuryFernandaDFPbark at a car coming toward them or another dog walking near them, although when given the opportunity to calming and slowly meet other neighborhood dogs she settles quickly.

Fury’s foster mom works from home so Fury is seldom left alone, but seems to do well for the short periods she has been left with her foster sibling alone. Fury is on thyroid medicine and completed her medical procedures including removing several tumors and has recovered very well.

This precious girl wants to be adopted soon.  Fury’s foster family is madly in love with her and when the time comes for her to go to her forever home they will hate to see her go.  She would do well with a family that has time to spend with her to make her remaining years the best years yet!