Cruisin Jamison #3491

Cruisin Jamison #3491

Age: 3 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 52 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

This adorable boy deserved more time and care than his owner could give him so GRRMF was happy to help Cruisin. With splashes of white fur from his nose to his toes, he arrived full of excitement and loves being the center of attention. His foster mom reports that he is a happy boy.

He truly enjoys long walks but his most favorite thing in the world is to be pet. If you stop he will nuzzle your hand until you start petting him again. He is super speedy at rolling over for a belly rub, if he thinks you’ll do it. He’s definitely a velcro dog. Whatever room his foster mom is in, Cruisin will be right there laying down under her chair. Like most goldens, he gets very excited about treats and meals.

So far, he has gotten along well with his foster sibling dog and cat. Squirrels and birds catch his attention, but he hasn’t chased after them. He is a very smart dog and he knows all the basic commands, however he will usually only obey when there is something in it for him – like hugs and treats! 3491CruisinJamisonAFP

Cruisin is working with his foster mom to become all the way housebroken. He tends to get very anxious around groups of people or out in public. He will pace around and whimper and seems to get annoyed. He can be overprotective when he’s anxious, and does not seem to be as comfortable around men yet as he is with women. Everything is still very new for this guy and he is learning new behaviors and working with his foster mom to be the best boy he can be.

Stay tuned for updates on Cruisin as he becomes more comfortable and learns new things that make him feel safe, secure and loved.