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The Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of Heaven is a place called The Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they miss someone very special to them who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. The bright eyes are intent; the eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to break away from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. YOU have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together. . .

The Rainbow Bridge


We are so very sad to report that our beloved Mr. Ace has gone to the Bridge. He was one of the few remaining members of the infamous Sarasota 23 who was taken in and adopted out by the GRRMF in 2002. He was a Canine Good Citizen and just an all round sweet guy. We adopted Ace on Sept. 27, 2002 (#1118). He had an aggressive cancerous tumor which developed rather quickly over a three month period. We will always love him and miss his infectious personality in our lives. He was 12 years old on July 5. God speed Mr. Ace; we'll see you at the Bridge.

Thank you.
The White Family


Ace (one of the Sarasota 23)

Maggie Mae (Jingles)

We regret to inform you of the passing of a wonderful dog we received from you on April 6, 2006. Her name, when we received her from your GRRMF foster family of Tommy and Chris M. was Jingles Fiona. We changed her name to Maggie Mae.
She was a wonderful girl and our hearts break since we miss our best friend, companion and member of our family. She made us laugh with her silly ways and we miss the enthusiastic morning greetings we received from her. The house is so empty now.
Our beautiful dog Maggie passed away unexpectedly the evening of the 4th of July. She was fine one moment, and critical the next. The veterinarians say she had a tumor from heart cancer (hemangiosarcoma) that suddenly burst and caused acute pericardial effusion (she had fluid around her heart). There were no previous signs of anything amiss. That's what makes this so shocking. Our son was staying at the house with her while we were visiting family. She was her usual effervescent self one minute, and then it was like someone flicked a switch he said. We were unable to get home right away due to Hurricane Arthur and cancelled flights until the 11th hour. The doctors kept in constant touch with us and were able to keep her comfortable and in this world, until we were able to race to hold her and tell her goodbye.
She was a great dog, always making us happy with her playful ways. She was a wonderful friend and companion. When I struggled with some health issues, she was always by my side as I was mending. She was such a comfort.

Although she was a rescue dog, she rescued me in so many ways. Our family is incomplete without our Maggie girl.

Thank you.
The Jacobus Family


Maggie Mae (Jingles)


Our hearts are aching at the loss of our beautiful Fletcher. We adopted him 8 years ago from grrmf when he was 5, so he lived to be 13. He was the best dog you could ever imagine. We loved him so much! He was diagnosed with tumor on his liver and severe hip dysplasia, but he lived another year, beating the odds. He was the BEST friend to our rescue pom/corgi and she is lost without him. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 5, 2014. He is greatly missed! He will always be in our hearts.

We will always love you Fletchie.

The Moretto family




It is with great heartache and sorrow to announce our handsome hero, Dinger (baseball slang for homerun) crossed the Rainbow Bridge April 3, 2014. He was rescue # 669 in the spring of 2000! What a great life he had, and what great lives we have had with him. We picked him up from Betty’s house on a Sunday afternoon that spring. He was a handsome, well-mannered little man of two years with lots of pup in him. He made every rescue reunion since 2000 except for two. At one reunion, he passed his CGC certification with hand signals only, no voice commands! The absolute best animal friend we've ever had. Two years after adoption, we asked Betty to bring another rescue to a reunion in Orlando because Dinger needed a four legged pal. Dinger welcomed home our current baby, Slugger with no reservations. Dinger made many hospital and nursing home visits during his time with us, and every scheduled hour visit, was always extended an additional 30-60 minutes due to popular demand. He was a true and faithful family member and friend to all that were lucky enough to meet/know him. His hips became weak in his last two years, and with the wonderful procedures of electronic acupuncture, he was able still to be a very happy and comfortable 16 year old senior pup!

We truly miss our handsome hero,

The Massey family




Our Lucy came to GRRMF in 2005 and was fostered by Char Bauer when we adopted her. We had her for 8 1/2 years when she travelled to the bridge at the age of 15 1/2. She was a little spitfire of a dog earning her the nickname "luci-fer" because of her devilish ways with her new brother and sisters. She was half their size but full of the dickens! It wasn't long before she got comfy in her new home and her nickname soon became Lucy furry! She had the most gorgeous coat of fur and was as soft as a puppy right up until her last days. We often called her the low maintenance one because she never had any skin or allergy issues like most goldens do. She loved to sprawl out in the bathroom to sleep. Our guests soon learned that they were going to have to walk around her to do their business because Lucy didn't move for many people! She was a dog who knew what she wanted and knew how to get it!

My favorite time of the day was when she would come to me and want me to pick her up and hold her like a baby. I would whisper sweet words to her; she would gaze into my eyes with the love only a rescue dog knows. We called it her "baby time" and it was something she expected nightly. Then when she had enough she would climb down and go settle in to her favorite sleep spot.

We will miss this precious little lady with all of our hearts but we all know we're better because we had the opportunity to love our little Lucy girl. Sadly, Lucy's grandma passed away 4 days after she did but I know Lucy, with her tail wagging and a sparkle in her eyes, was waiting at the bridge for her.

Patty Anderson Kwapien


Lucy Amy


Sadly we lost Tucker on March 9 to pancreatic cancer. We adopted him three years ago from GRRMF and he would have been four in June. We are still in shock.

We were so lucky to have him for the short time we did, he was so full of life. He did everything 100% from eating to stealing shoes, to sitting on laps (he didn't know he weighed 90 pounds)

Thanks for all you do.

Rose Mays and Steve Melka



Oct 1, 2013 – Feb 21, 2014

Our GRRMF Sierra passed away due to mast cell cancer after her tumor had returned. She was still in good spirits to the end but her body just wasn’t up to the task.

Sierra was a 10 year old girl who came to GRRMF from the Polk County Animal Shelter. Not soon after her arrival she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She was placed in hospice foster and there she spent her last few months in luxury with the love of her family and canine foster siblings Heather and Harry. She enjoyed lots of love, walks, swimming, snacks by the pool and a true family holiday.

Thanks goes out to Danny and Keith, permanent fosters for some of our terminally ill dogs, for taking Sierra in and making her last few months good ones.




GRRMF 2009-2014; a tribute to Holly, a golden retriever's healing legacy.

Holly gave up her battle with cancer this year but not before leaving a legacy that could help cancer patients. Her story and a video can be found in the Tampa Bay Times.

We thank Kelly Pavone and her loving companion Holly for sharing their story with all of us.




With a very broken heart I said so long to my sweet, sweet Sadie on November 19, 2013. At the end of the summer we discovered that she had cancer and that it had already spread and it was ultimately learned to be aggressive.

Sadie came bounding into our house on May 26, 2011 as an approximately 3 year old companion for our five year old Maggie. Her name had been Sandy but we changed it to Sadie. She didn’t notice. She and Maggie quickly became the best of friends and were rarely apart. They enjoyed their morning walks together and playing at the park in the afternoon. They played lots of “bitey-face.”

Sadie never met anyone that she didn’t love. She spent a great deal of time as an ambassador for GRRMF at various west coast events. I nicknamed her my “upside-down golden: Sadie”. Children and adults would giggle when I introduced them to my upside down golden retriever. She could spot a belly rubber a mile away and would promptly flop onto her back. She had no shame. Our local nursing home loved her visits. She was certified as a Project PUP therapy dog and just knew how to make people smile.

There are many who miss her but especially her family. She was so very special. Thank you GRRMF the incredible work done to provide rescue for these wonderful goldens.

The K family: Jim, Cynthia, Chris, Maggie and Cooper



Maggie Mae

It is with much sadness and many tears that I tell you that our much loved Maggie Mae, formerly known as Cookie went to the Rainbow Bridge on August 5, 2013.

She came into our lives as a heartworm positive foster in September 2006. She was only supposed to stay until she was healthy enough for adoption. After looking into her soulful eyes, that just didn't happen.

She became such a big part of our lives. How she loved all the kids and grandkids. She visited elementary schools on Career Day. She traveled to the Colorado mountains with us every summer and loved the wildflowers and snow. Maggie lives on in so many good memories, not only for us, but all the people she met along the way. She is "Ms December" in the GRRMF 2013 calendar.

Chronic liver disease finally took its toll on her and she passed away August 5, 2013.

Kathy & Jim Frederick


Maggie Mae


July 13, 2000-August 5, 2013

Lyric came into my life from Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid Florida in March of 2008 and gave me over four years of love and friendship. She was the best dog ever and brought joy to everyone who met her. The vacant spot she leaves in my life can never be filled. I will miss you so much, my sweet, beautiful girl, and I will never forget you.

Now may you run and jump and soar in freedom, and may you have a never-ending supply of tennis balls. Wait for me with Puccini at the Rainbow Bridge.

I'll see you soon,





We wanted to let you know that Duncan crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday Morning.

He had been diagnosed with Nasal Carcinoma in late January, and though he initially responded very well to his radiation treatments a few weeks ago the cancer came roaring back to life. Despite that, we, and his docs, thought that he would be strong enough for one last trip up to Maine, but it was not to be. The further north we came, the faster the cancer seemed to spread.

At the end of the week we were staying with old friends in upstate NY who knew Duncan well. He really had a nice day on Friday. The sun was out but it was cool in the shade, and we all sat out under the trees with all the dogs sleeping in the grass (which they think is the best grass in the world...all of them loved rolling in it) for most of the afternoon. The reason that we made the decision that we did was that his nights were getting increasingly tough for him. The cancer was making breathing more and more difficult, and we were beginning to see signs of increased bleeding.

We all got up and went outside at about 4:30 in the morning on Saturday, and when Dunc headed back to the house, rather than coming all the way inside, he decided to lay down on the front porch and so Pete and I and our other guys, James and Dora, stayed out there with him and we all watched the sun come up, listening to the early morning country sounds. It was very peaceful and Duncan was able to sleep out there in the cool air. It was obvious that Dunc was simply out of gas and we didn't have the heart to put him through another all-day drive.

It’s hard to imagine that we only had him with us for 4 years. We figure that we fit a lifetime of travel into that short span, what with his time in Scotland and England, and visits to all points along the eastern seaboard of the US. He added a certain je ne sais quoi (and as we always said...a lot of "quoi"!) to our adventures both home and abroad and we think that he was a great representative for GRRMF as cover boy and Mr. January (last year) and Mr. August (this year) for the GRRMF calendar.

We will miss him but he'll be traveling with us in spirit for a very long time to come. Thanks for making his life with us possible.

Pete, Susan, Dora, and James




We were lucky to have Dusty become a part of our lives last September. After a stint with his foster family, we adopted Dusty for his happy face and loving nature. He was such a big lovable lug that fit into our pack so easily. We were hoping to have him for a while to make his retirement years his best ever.

Sadly we found a tumor behind his shoulder blades within his first month with us. It took a couple of blood transfusions and emergency surgery late on a Saturday night, but he survived that in October. He started chemotherapy in January, and had just finished his 6th treatment. This sweet boy never complained about all the scary trips to the vet or the hours enduring chemotherapy. He went through all this very well and remained very active. He even swam and frolicked at the dog beach up to the end.

Dusty went to Rainbow Bridge on June 28, 2013. He had an incredible heart and made everyone who met him smile.

Dusty, you will forever be in our hearts. We had you in our lives way too short of a time.

Mike and Janice




We are very sad to report that in June 2013 Brooklyn went to the Rainbow Bridge.

Her lymphoma had returned in full force. Brooklyn’s foster mother said Brooklyn had never let her touch her legs or smooch on her, but just before Brooklyn passed she licked her foster mothers hand and then lay her head down in it. We think she was saying “I am tired Mama and thank you for helping me find my way”. Brooklyn went very peacefully.

As a result of the care she received from Dr. Zinn and her foster family, Brooklyn spent six months with us and enjoyed her life. She was cute as a button and full of spit and vinegar in all the best ways.

We at GRRMF will all miss Brooklyn, but feel comfort in the knowledge that she knew only love and happiness while she was in our care.

Her GRRMF Family



Mr Howell

In June 2013 we had to say goodbye to Mr. Howell, one of our GRRMF permanent foster dogs.

His occasional struggles were becoming more frequent and the usual way he would bounce back with an "I'm good!" was not happening. His foster mother and favorite volunteers took him for his usual acupuncture visit but in their hearts they knew it was really time to say goodbye. He went to the bridge in the presence of his three favorite ladies in the world.

Mr. Howell came to GRRMF in June of 2011 in deplorable shape. He was underweight, heartworm positive and was having seizures. Without a doubt he was one of the most adorable, lovable, and goofy characters we at GRRMF will ever have the gift of caring for. He was truly one of a kind.

We are grateful to the fosters who cared for him over the last two years as well as Dr. White and the magic she performed bringing him the quality of life he so deserved. With their help he was able to swim, go to the park, play ball and enjoy his life.

One foster mother writes:
"Howie sure kept us on a schedule. He was very good at reminding me that dinner was just around the corner but first we had to go to the park and play some ball and go for a walk. Even when he wasn't walking along so well and getting in and out of the car was a challenge, he didn't miss the opportunity. He loved meeting new people, getting attention and bugging them for treats if he detected any in their pockets. He scored once in a while! He was a treasure and we miss him."

We bid a fond farewell to our good friend Mr. Howell. Although we will all miss him, we know he is safe and happy at the bridge.

His GRRMF Family


Mr Howell


Transcribed for Star by her loving foster family in June 2013:

Hi, my name is Star. I was 12 years old when my family no longer could care for me and had to give me up. I was taken to the Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid Florida where there are other Golden Retrievers waiting to be fostered or adopted. That's how I wound up at Kirsten and Russell's house. They fostered me.

I joined Ali, a three year old golden who had lost her brother, Nuka in the summer. I just couldn't play like I did when I was young as my hips bothered me. However, Ali was a great companion and support. She sensed I wasn't up to par and sat right by my side.

My month at Kirsten and Russell's was one of love and compassion. They tried everything to help me as did the vet, even carrying me outside on a rug to do my business. But this old body just couldn't carry on. Kirsten held me as I crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. That brought me great comfort. I can still feel the love for that's all there is.

Gratitude in my heart for this loving couple and dear Ali!


While all of us at GRRMF feel sadness when one of our fosters passes, we know they knew only love and caring while they were with us. A special thank you to Stars foster family for sharing her story with us.




Our loving Golden, Dennis, recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 11th after being with us 13 fun-filled years since 1999.

We still recall picking him up from Betty Wyatt, his foster parent, at two months old. He came around the corner of her back yard and made a beeline for us and leaped into our receiving arms. He has been a great big brother to our 6 years younger Golden adoptee, Brock. We took Dennis regularly on play dates and training at Best Paw Forward in Sanford where he was a star pupil. He really took to the clicker training being from such a smart breed.

His hips finally gave out a year ago and we have been caring for him just like he was a puppy all over again (interesting how our dogs are so similar to us as we get older). He struggled to raise his hinds to get up off the tile floors where he loved to cool down after a good walk.

Our two school age boys dearly miss his presence and our other Golden is showing signs of anxiety. We know we will not make it through the summer without adopting another Golden puppy to keep him company and continue the glorious legacy our Dennis began.

Dennis we miss you, but know you are in a better place chewing on your choice of treats.

The Middletons




We adopted Lovey in the spring of 2003 from Betty Wyatt. I had wanted to do pet therapy for a number of years but didn’t have the right dog. Betty knew Lovey would be a good therapy dog and she turned out to be an amazing one…a real natural.

She touched so many people’s lives. When visiting at Florida Hospital Orlando in the Neuro unit, she had the doctors and nurses on the floor rubbing her tummy ..a real stress reliever. Patients’ families welcomed her with open arms and shed tears while they hugged her tight. Patients stroked her soft head telling her how beautiful she was, how much they missed their own pets but how happy she made them coming to see them that day.

Language was no barrier… as demonstrated by a patient shouting and raising her arms welcoming her in her room, when asked from the doorway if she wanted a visit with Lovey. She proceeded to excitedly carry on a conversation with Lovey all the while hugging her and stroking her. The nurse and I didn’t understand her but we’re sure Lovey did.

While Lovey was being screened for the program we walked her through a busy waiting room where she stopped in front of a child, sat down and rested her head on her lap much to the little girl’s delight. That was her trademark….she would walk up sit down and rest her head in a lap or on a bed gazing adoringly up to whoever she was visiting.

We also visited nursing homes in Orlando as well as in the Largo area when we moved here 8 years ago. One frail, little old English lady who had no family here had been so depressed that she was failing quickly. She took an interest in Lovey and from that time on started to improve. She looked forward to our visits and the nurses were amazed to see her smile…but they said that only happened when Lovey came.

Lovey and I were part of the first team to begin a children’s reading program at a nearby library. It was fun and very rewarding to see how much the kids reading skills improved over the years and as always Lovey soaked up all the loving attention and gave it right back.

Our favorite time was when we would visit with the GRRMF “Golden Gang” at Regal Palms having a whole lot of goldens working their magic with their wagging tails and snuggling ways. Lovey had a reputation of following the camera….always giving that special smile to whoever might be taking a picture.

Lovey was 5 years old when we got her and we had 10 wonderful years with her. What a joy! She will always remain in our hearts…one very special gift that we will always treasure.

Jim and Pat




Our happy day was June 22, 2008 when we brought our beautiful five year old, Sydney home from her GRRMF foster family. She was petite, shy and not very trusting, but sweet and loving and oh so smart.

She and our Cavalier King Charles, Abby were immediate friends and sisters; a kiss on the nose and they were bonded forever.

After a time with love and understanding, Sydney was able to totally trust us, even jump on the couch and sleep upside down. She did not know what to do with bones and toys when she first arrived, but she was a fast learner and loved all the stuffed animals, bones, bottle toys and balls. She never got the hang of the Frisbee, but our Abby did. She finally trusted enough to give kisses on my nose and snuggle so close with me.

As time went by and she was aging, she was showing signs of bad arthritis in her neck, front legs, elbows and back from past injury. Rimadyl, acupuncture and cold laser treatments. They worked miracles for her as she was pain free and running and playing for years. She loved to ride in my convertible, loved to come to the office with me every day and greet all the visitors that came by on a regular basis just to say hi. She loved and was loved.

Our sad day was March 9, 2013 when we lost her. Unfortunately after only 5 short years with us, she was not feeling well with stomach problems. Within 3 days of learning that she had an extremely large inoperable growth around her colon, we had to let her go. No more pain for our Sweet Sweet Sydney.

I miss our beautiful, smart, sweet golden girl so much. We only get to have these sweet Goldens for such a short time…. Condensed love.

I hope you are playing over the Rainbow Bridge….we love you Sydney.

Lysee and Mark




Belle passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday the 24th of January 2013. She turned 14 in November 2012. She had been having some typical Old Gold health issues this past year, but she was not in pain and was still a joy to be with. Her hind quarter finally quit working and she could no longer stand up by herself or walk.

Belle came to live with us when she was 9 months old at Betty Wyatt's urging and joined Nicholas, our first GRRMF Golden. We had the pleasure of her company for 13 wonderful years.

She was a loving companion and brought love, joy, and fun to our lives every single day. She loved to lay by the pool, play with her stuffed soccer ball, go for walks, and in her later years, enjoyed laying in the yard and soaking up the sun. Belle loved her tennis balls and her stuffed animals, with her favorite being Pooh Bear, Shark, Gold Bear and White Bunny. She also loved romping and snuggling with her best friends Sailor (our 10 year old GRRMF Golden) and Elvis (the cat).

Our home and our hearts are just not the same without her. We miss her dearly, but know that she is in a better place with Nicholas.

Dan and Lila Gilbert




Our Sable has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss her dearly.

We adopted Sable 10 years ago, after fostering her for over a year. She didn’t look like the other Goldens because she was really a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. We didn’t realize this until after we adopted her. She was the easiest dog ever to own. She stole our hearts doing her wiggle dance on our bed every morning.

Hopefully she is in a pasture above doing her wiggle dance and giving us a big smile.

Ron and Darlene Krause





We wanted to notify you that on September 10, 2012, our beloved sweet Shellie passed over to Rainbow Bridge.

Shellie adopted us in 2008 at 9 years of age with GRRMF’s assistance. She shared her life with us for 4 years but we are selfish and wanted much more time. From the beginning Shellie filled our lives with joy, happiness, and love. She was a devoted companion that became our closest friend. She was always willing to curl up and listen to our troubles or just keep us company asking for nothing but a “good butt rub”.

Shellie's first 9 years of life were dedicated to being a Service Dog for her previous owner. When he did not need her anymore, GRRMF stepped in and she adopted us, made a career change, and became a Certified Therapy Dog. During her entire life she had opportunities to touch many people, changing their lives for the better. She made them smile, lifting their spirits with her ever constant Golden Grin and beautiful eyes.

Thank you for letting us care for Shellie for this short time. We’ve attached a picture of Shellie styling on vacation in North Carolina.

Take care old girl and we will see you soon.

Sanford, Linda, & Goldie (little Sis) Maltman




I adopted two Goldens from Betty Wyatt, Fonzie in 1998 and Fancy (Sofia) in 2000. They were both about 10 months old at the time of adoption. Fonzie died on January 9, 2012.

Fonzie would have been 15 this March. I had him to love for 14 years, not long enough for me, but he was having seizures and other medical issues. I could see in his eyes that he didn’t want to continue this way, so I made the hardest decision of my life.

Fancy and I miss him so much, but I wouldn’t trade those years with Fonz for anything in the world. He was more than a beautiful dog, he was my best friend and Fancy's and my protector. As my Vet said more than once, Fonzie is the kindest dog I have ever met.

I could write pages about the wonderful things he did, but suffice to say, he was everything a person could desire in a dog and so very much more.

Joyce Jones




Buddy and his brother, Bear, came to live with Bruce and Debbie Parkhurst, the weekend after Easter in 2008...3 months after his adopted humans lost their boy Figment, to a fast moving, insidious cancer.

The humans called GRRMF and were told about Buddy first. Then, they found out that he had a brother too that needed a forever home. You see, their first human crossed the Rainbow Bridge and that is how they came to GRRMF. Bruce and Debbie couldn’t imagine breaking up a match set and decided that they had to be kept together. The reunion was AWESOME! So they made the trip to St. Petersburg to start a new life Bruce and Debbie. The boys now had a new forever home, their own cat, and their very own pet boutique. They went to work every day and the customers loved them both! They made more friends and got more attention than a lottery winner!

The following year, Bear crossed the rainbow Bridge and it was just Buddy, his cat, and his humans. The next few years weren’t easy. When the economy tanked, so did the boutique and we all had to down-size. Buddy had to become a service dog so he could help his human mother and to be accepted into their condo community. He passed his test with flying colors! He became the darling of the condo community. Now, he got to go even more places and meet more dogs and humans too. But there was something missing...he just needed another outside job, so he went to work to help promote Mr. B’s Chicken Jerky Bites, and he LOVED it! Especially the samples!

On June 13th, 2012, Buddy seemed to have twisted his ankle while out for his afternoon walk. When it didn’t improve after a few days, Bruce and Debbie took him to see his good friend, Dr. Mike Schroeder at Animal Hospital of Treasure Island, The news wasn’t good. Buddy had blown his ACL and because of his advanced age (between 14-16), he wasn’t a candidate for surgery. To make matters worse, they found a large mass on his spleen and on his liver...both were was cancer again.

Buddy passed away quietly on the first day of Summer, June 20th, 2012. Now, he can spend his summer running in meadows with his brother Bear and with his first human on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Buddy’s humans were, of course, heart-broken, but they know that for the four years that Buddy was with them, he was VERY much loved and Very happy. There is much solace in knowing that his last years were great! Therein lies the joy of adopting a senior citizen - they know that the humans love them, and in true Golden style, Buddy wanted nothing more than to please his humans and bask in the warmth of their love.

He will be missed as long as Bruce and Debbie live and they feel so blessed and grateful to have had both Buddy and Bear in their lives. Yet, on some level, his humans know that he/they, will always be with their hearts and memories.

May God bless our boys, and GRRMF for getting us together!

Bruce, Debbie, and Taz Parkhurst




I was asked to transport Frankie from her home to the vet's office for her intake exam. Oh, she was such a mess, emotionally and physically. A senior girl who was emaciated at 32 pounds, she stunk to high heaven. What hair she had was brittle. She had numerous tumors all over her body, very few teeth remaining and if all that weren't enough, she was in heat.

More than once she cheated death. She flat lined during her spay surgery. Her hips were, in Dr. Wiseman's words, *the worst I have ever seen*. She required numerous expensive procedures to treat her colonic strictures. Had they not been dealt with, she would have become septic and died. Once again, against all odds, my little miracle girl pulled through. I fostered her for over a year in the hopes that a special home would be found that could look beyond all her issues. Then one day....a lightbulb moment: She had already found that. She was already home. I made it official and adopted her that day.

And I was blessed with my beautiful girl in my life for 3 years. She blossomed into a gentle therapy dog who touched hearts of all who met her. And she graced the pages of the 2011 GRRMF calendar.

Frankie earned her wings on June 2, 2011. There is not a day in the past year that I haven't thought about her and missed every fiber of her being. She changed me, and for the better. It's taken me this long to write a tribute to her, but I felt that this was the right time. Thank you, have helped me to believe in miracles.

Pam.....Phoebe, Kona, Shelby, Farley, foster boy Vincent ...and the Fab FeLion Four ...Maggie, Frankie and the BridgeKids waiting at the Rainbow Bridge




Monday, March 12th, 2012, the day I never wanted to arrive did. The day the lord took my best friend, my co-pilot in my truck rides, my heart and soul, my reason to come home after a bad day. The dog I love and miss so very much. My dog Duke.

I rescued him from GRRMF when he was close to a year old and I picked him out of the "crowd" because he would jump straight up when he was happy. That was one of the reasons I choose Duke, not knowing what joy he would bring me in my lifes trials and misfortunes. He would always wag his tail, bring me his toy and whimper "I miss you dad and I'm glad your home" when I walked in the house. He was 9 years and 9 months old.

After a year Gregg from GRRMF brought me the greatest gift to me at my home on a Sunday, I realized that Duke was born the same day and the same hour that I was involved in an auto accident. I guess God works in mysterious ways. I always promised Duke everyday that I would never leave him to anyone else, to never abandon him and that he would always be my buddy. I stayed with my promise to him. I stayed holding him until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge and he knew I loved him because I whispered it to him over and over and over until his pain was gone and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

The pain in my heart is unbearable but I know time will heal the pain but the memories I have of such a Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful animal I will never forget.

God Bless you GRRMF for bringing him to me and God bless you Duke. Play and be happy, wag that wonderful tail of yours and I will see you when my time comes.

Frank H.




Hunter Frandsen - 13 yrs. old crossed over the rainbow bridge on November 14th, 2011. There is a hole in our hearts right now. We have had Hunter since he was 3 months old, when we adopted him from GRRMF in March 1999.

May he run in Heaven like a little puppy again..........

Tracy Frandsen and family




Yesterday was a sad day as Phoebe began her journey across the Rainbow Bridge.....

Some of you will remember her story.  Nearly 9 years ago I was asked by Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida(GRRMF) to take in a very frightened 4 1/2 year old little girl who was coming out of an abusive household and her owner was headed to a shelter where she could not take Phoebe. The GRRMF people assured me this foster placement would only be for " a week or so!" Almost 9 years later..... !

Phoebe had obvious hip problems and when she was examined it turned out she was born with no hip sockets. Through GRRMF, the great doctors at Oveido Vet Clinic repaired her hips in 2 operations in 2003. Once healed she became almost a bionic dog, running around the house, chasing squirrels and enjoying her new found mobility.

Additionally, mentally she was a mess because of the abusive atmosphere in her former household and she was naturally very scared and timid. After several months with me and her adopted big brother, Monty, her personality made a 180 degree turn and she became one of the most friendly and outgoing dogs I've ever encountered. There was no one she didn't want to become her friend.

She was always so happy. We always joke about how dogs turn around 3 times before they lay down. Well, Phoebe literally bounced around, tail wagging before laying down! Sometimes she would be laying around on the couch or wherever with a look on her face like she was contemplating all the world's mysteries. She brought so much joy into our lives and others whom she touched.

Additionally, she never seemed to age! She had only a little bit of gray on her muzzle right to the end and everyone who saw her thought she was maybe 5 or 6 instead of 13 1/2!

Her story emphasizes the wonderful work GRRMF does and their commitment to not giving up on goldens that have some seemingly insurmountable physical or mental problems. Her picture is in the back of the 2011 GRRMF calendar as a "runner up", the one with her head resting on a red pillow.

Now she is across the Rainbow Bridge, waiting..........

John & Cathy



It wasn't supposed to rain last night, but appropriately the heavens shed tears even as my heart did for my beautiful Aurora. On July 18th, I had to make the excruciating decision to let her Cross the Rainbow Bridge at over 16 and half years of age.

Thanks to Betty W. of GRRMF, she became a part of my family At the age of 7 and a half; we celebrated our 9 year anniversary Memorial Day weekend. I renamed her Aurora after the goddess of dawn as it was the dawn of her new life and she was a tall, regal female.

She was the best ball catcher ever- NEVER missed in her prime. Even as her close vision failed, she Would have me toss her a few and proudly carry her ball back into the garage. Aurora preferred people to a canine pack and was quite insistent that everyone pet her. She would look back over her shoulder At me to make sure I saw how she was getting loved on.

Christmas is when I will miss her the most. She slept next to the presents until the big day and then patiently indulged the photo shoot of antlers and angel halos until it was time to open presents. Birthdays were her next favorite, despite the party hats.

At age 14 she was diagnosed with a mega-esophagus. Thanks to the support of volunteer Char B. and the staff of Gulf Animal Hospital in South Pasadena, I was able to implement a plan that kept her happy and healthy. Kim of GAH continued her treatment at lunch time.

Gradually Aurora lost most of her vision, became arthritic, developed a sinus infection (tumor?) that Antibiotics only kept in check and dropped from 75 to 45 pounds (no doubt a victim of cancer like so many of our precious goldens); but she was a brave heart and fought so hard, never losing her voracious appetite. She would still try to go for short walks and would snort indignantly when her legs wouldn't go the way she wanted them to go. A few weeks ago she had a grand mal seizure and spent most of her days sleeping. In the end the neuro-muscular problems became too much.

Thanks Bert H., GRRMF volunteer, and Kim for your advice and your shoulders these past weeks. DRS. Tolksdorf, Authement, and staff at Gulf Animal Hospital, I will always be grateful for your loving care. In the end Aurora was still the best ame for her as she became Princess Aurora, my sleeping beauty.

As a footnote, please do not let age keep you from adopting an older golden. None of my goldens ever began to slow down before age 11.  I was hoping for a 3-4 year old when I adopted Aurora, and never would have guessed that I could have 9 wonderful years with my sweet girl.

Debbie Drapo



It has taken a long time to write a tribute to my beautiful Cashew who went to the Rainbow Bridge on September 25, 2010. She was almost 15.

She came to me as a foster in 2004, but decided she was staying. Cashew was incredibly smart and sometimes mischievous. She used to counter surf and steal things very quietly, picking up entire bowls in her mouth, then sneaking into a carpeted area to eat the contents so you couldn’t hear the bowl scraping the tile floor. She could open any door. She liked to be in charge. She was extremely protective of me, yet very gentle. She always carried something in her mouth to greet me and would “talk” to me when she wanted something.

I sure miss my funny little Cashew nut. Tears still fill my eyes when I think of her, but I also smile. Thank you, my beautiful Cashew nut, for the wonderful memories. I know you’re waiting for me along with Casey, Elsa, Ninja, and Tyler.

Your loving Mom




November 9, 1999 - September 26, 2011

Our beautiful golden girl, Heidi, passed on to the Rainbow Bridge on September 26, 2011. We adopted her from GRRMF right after Christmas in 2008, at age 9. Her time with us was too short, but she added so much joy and love to our lives, we feel blessed and privileged to have shared her remaining years and give her the loving home she so deserved.

Rest in peace, baby girl. Mommy and Daddy love you and miss you terribly.

Carol and Lou Glaros



Koda Bear

Koda Bear means gift from God, not literally, but she was a gift from God & her Guardian Angels Foxi Roxi & Bubba.

I knew when she & her Brother Boomer came to live with me in May 2011, there was a reason Rox & Bub  had sent her to me and now I know why they did. It seems they knew she was sick (Splenic Hemangiosarcoma) & they knew I would give her the best care possible.

In her short life she touched so many hearts, doing home visits for GRRMF, education & events.  She came to me as a “pork chop” & left us a beautiful girl. Her Brother Boomer & I miss her terribly & her beautiful smiling baby face will always be a part of our lives & she will never be out of our hearts.

Debbie, Boomer & Joe Cool McGhehey


Koda Bear


I received a wonderful gift November 30th, 2008. I had lost my three legged Golden the previous year and wanted to continue the therapy work that he and I did together.

GRRMF called me and said they had a very special girl “Nellie Opal” who they thought would be an excellent therapy dog and a wonderful addition to our family. They could not have matched us any better. Nellie was 5 years old when she came to live with us.

By the following Summer, she was the newest member of Therapy Dogs International here in Lakeland, Florida. She loved to work! She was so proud to wear the little vest that was made for her visits. We went to the Hospital, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and to a little school that catered to special children. She was wonderful with everyone she met. She demanded attention from everyone she came in contact with and was such a sweet little angel, there was never a problem with Nellie getting all the attention and love she craved so much.For the last two years, she and I took first place in the Lakeland SPCA’s walk-a-thon raising over $7000 for the local shelter. If there was a camera around, Nellie was “front and center” all the time. She loved to have her picture taken. She appeared to be the picture of health and life was so good with Nellie!! After all, she was my “BFF”!

On August 22, 2011 that all changed. All was fine until early evening when she started some very heavy breathing. I tried to calm her, but she was very stressed. We got in the car and proceeded to the Emergency Veterinary Clinic. This terrible feeling came over me when they tried to help her – I knew. At 8:45 she crossed over Rainbow Bridge. It was determined that it was “Acute Cardiac Failure”. She never had a symptom. I sat there with her for awhile and we reminisced over the short two and a half years we had together. She was only eight years old.

There will be a Memorial Service for Nellie at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah this coming November.

“To My Girlfriend-- until we meet again”

Ellen M. Ryan




I adopted Indy in May 2009 from GRRMF when she was approximately 10 years old. Her foster Mom took really good care of her until I adopted her.

I am sad to report that Miss Indy crossed the rainbow bridge today. She was such a good, happy girl with lots of will, but her body just gave out on her. Thank you for bringing her into my life. She had a crummy life prior to coming to GRRMF, but she sure made up for since then. I will miss her smiles and always wagging tail.

Thank you for bringing her into my life. She was a very special girl.

Debra Johannson




Wanted to let you know that another one of your wonderful goldens was laid to rest on Thursday, August 4, at the age of 12 1/2. His name was Dyno and we had the privilege of having him in our home for 2 years, 8 months before he went to heaven.

He was an angel as every one of your dogs are, and we want to thank you again for your caring, kind hearts that help give these dogs to us. He will always have a deep place in my heart, and you can be sure we gave him more love than what he knew to do with!!

Our other golden from you, Sunshine, is 12 and has been with us for over 2 1/2 years also. She is in good health, and God willing, will be able to spend more time with us.

Thank you again, and when my heart is ready, I hope to be able to adopt again.


Helen DeWitt



Our Bonnie girl passed away on June 17th from Cancer. Bonnie was almost 12 and was frisky up until the very end. Here are the words I would wish to speak to her if I could:

Now you have joined your beloved Byron, sweet girl, and passed from this world to the Rainbow Bridge on this late Spring day. You were our last rescue from GRRMF and gave us eight years and 5 months of love and devotion. A light has gone out of our lives and out of our home. I look for your everywhere.

To experience the love of God, one only has to look into the eyes of a precious canine companion. Thank you for all your love, affection and zest for life over the years.

We miss you so!

Maryanne Ludy



Foxi Roxi


Miss December 2009 Foxi Roxi joined our family May 5th 2000 & went to Rainbow Bridge on May 4th 2011 after a losing battle with cancer. Her arrival was over shadowed by the passing of 16 yr old Dusty her Guardian Angel just 1 hr before she arrived. Had it not been for Rox that day I think I would have lost my mind, Dusty was my late husband’s dog & losing her was losing another link to Larry.

Rox & Bubba my other golden had a bit of a rough start when they first met, which surprised me, because Bub was use to being dominated by Dusty & Dusty was a very dominant little girl. Rox wanted to make sure he knew she was boss. Rox very quickly became a very important part of our family. She is the reason I became involved with GRRMF first as a volunteer and later as West Coast Event/Education/ Fundraising Coordinator. At first Rox attended rescue events, but I quickly learned she would rather stay home with Bub & get into mischief, she was always the instigator.

From time to time she would do home visits with me & always would help in my decisions to give them a paws up or paws down. Her final home visit was to the family that ultimately adopted Benjie, giving them not only a big paws up, but a big tail’s up (her top rating) as well.

Next to playing with tennis balls, one of her & Bubba’s favorite things to do would be to curl up on the couch or chair and watch “Air Bud” movies. When I would pop one in they would watch the entire movie without moving. When the “Air Buddies” came along I thought they would love those movies as well, but I was wrong, when I put one of those on they would watch for a couple of minutes then disappear. It was only by chance I figured out why they did not like those movies, the dogs talked & to them that was not what dogs were suppose to do. One day I had the sound turned down very low and they sat and watched the whole movie.

In Oct of 2010 when she had an eye problem that would not heal it was discovered she had cancer that was not only in her left eye, but had gone into her brain and nasal cavity. After trips to an Oncologist for radiation, and her Ophthalmologist for eye care things did become a bit more normal. All was going well until the untimely passing of her beloved Brother Bubba March 21st. They had been inseparable for almost 11 years and she missed him terribly. The cancer had started to spread and things were in a downward spiral.

On May 4th I knew it was time for her to go to the Bridge. I know so many of her Golden Friends, Prancer, Dillon, Angie and several Sam’s were all waiting for her with open paws. I’m sure all of the Golden Gang are all learning all the latest doggie dance moves from Rookie the dancing retriever & in her spare time (if she has any) she is socializing with her favorite author Trixie Koontz. Today she is happy again running pain free with Bubba and finally meeting her Guardian Angel Dusty. Roxi and Bubba were a very important part of my life and my house is very lonely now without them. They will always be a very special part of me and someday we will all cross over the Bridge together.

Debbie McGhehey


Foxi Roxi


It is with great sadness and broken hearts that we share with you our loss of our precious Beau. He had to be put to sleep on March 20th only 9 days after being diagnosed with splenic hemangioma. He was 7 ½ years old.

When I took him in to the Vet, I thought maybe he had an infection. He recently at times didn’t seem as perky and playful as usual, but otherwise seemed fine. After feeling swelling in his belly upon examination, our Vet took x-rays and confirmed a mass in his spleen and told us she thought it was a splenic hemangioma. She gave him 2 – 8 months to live. The following morning, she had an ultrasound done, which further confirmed the diagnosis of the small grapefruit-sized mass in his spleen covered in cysts. She told us that he was already bleeding internally and that a mass was also detected in his chest, and 2 smaller ones in his liver. She said that surgery would not save him, and that he could die any time now due to the bursting of the cysts on the mass causing massive internal bleeding. She said if we were lucky, the bleeding would stop for awhile once his belly filled with blood and caused enough pressure in his belly to temporarily stop the bleeding. She said to just take him home and keep him happy and comfortable until it was clear it was time.

Even though she said it was not yet painful for him, I could tell that night he was becoming distressed and gave him some of Chester’s (our other older golden) pain medicine. It seemed to help him. By the next day, he did perk up and his gums got pink again, so we figured the bleeding stopped. However, over the week, with my husband, Eric, Chester, and me sleeping downstairs in the family room with Beau, we could tell he was growing weaker. Finally, Saturday evening on March 19th, he laid down when I took him out to relieve himself and he could not get back up.The following Sunday we said our tear-filled good-byes while covering him in kisses.

He was such a wonderful part of our family and we greatly grieve him. I remember when I was volunteering for GRRMF, and Lisa Beck, who was fostering Beau, introduced me to him and I fell in love. He was the most intelligent, funny, goofy, sweet and energetic golden I had ever had – and I LOVED him, and I always will.

Lisa Mcgrew



We are so very sad to tell you that last week we had to say goodbye to our sweet Dakota. She had bone cancer in her foot and had spread through her body. We kept her comfortable for many months and when she was having a very hard time getting up and panting often we had to make the heart wrenching decision to let her go, so she would not suffer.

We had her for more than nine wonderful years and believe she was about 5 or 6 when she joined our family. I can't tell you what a wonderful companion and friend she was to all of us. Our boys are now 19 and 16 and you can imagine what a huge part of their life she was. We all had special routines and memories with her and miss her so very much. Words just can't express how special she was and how much we miss her. Thanks for all you do for these wonderful creatures.

Best regards,

The Holecek Family
John, Tammy, John and Jeffrey




It is with great sadness that I share that Indy had to be put to sleep today.

Never has a dog brought such joy and happiness to our home. We adopted Indy on May 12th of 2007 at the age of 7 years.Although we only had Indy for a short time,she wormed her way into everyone's heart that met her. Indy was fighting Systemic Lupus for the last 3 years and the disease finally took its toll on her little body. Her big brother Gus will miss her as they were constant companions along with our cat Bandit.

I wanted to thank everyone at the Golden Retriever Rescue for everything they do to take care of all the dogs that come their way looking for a forever home. I'm sure Jerry and I will have room for another Golden in our home soon.

Jerry & Penny Throgmorton
Lakeland, Florida



On December 3rd, 2010 we lost our wonderful friend and companion Mandy to cancer at the young age of 8 or 9.

We adopted Mandy on September 3rd, 2006 when we first met her as Crystal at her foster parents’ home in Clearwater , FL. She gave us 4+ memorable years as our Velcro pet. Mandy loved every one of her thirty or so stuffed animal toys and would often entertain us by playing tunes on them. She never damaged any of them except for sometimes wearing out the squeakers.

Though a Golden Retriever by breed, she never really understood “retrieving” – she preferred playing “keep away” or bringing back a different toy than the one originally tossed. Once in a while, she would actually retrieve to our surprise.

She always greeted our friends and neighbors whenever they visited with great enthusiasm and had many other dog friends in our neighborhood. It was very rare that she barked, even at the golfers or sandhill cranes in our back yard. Everyone loved her and she always loved them back.

We miss her very much and will always remember her as the most loving and best dog we ever had.

Ron & Mary Makara




It is with a profoundly sad heart that I must inform you of the passing of my beautiful big boy Harrison.

It was a terrible shock, as he had not been ill at all—even though he was 13 years young. We were completely blindsided. The doctor confirmed that he had no life threatening conditions—they think his huge heart simply gave out.

Such a big boy with so much love to give!  He filled my heart with joy from the day we met. What a great life we had together!!

Harrison slipped away quietly in his sleep on November 10, 2010, at home. He died as he lived his life—with grace and dignity.


Cynthia A Bennett



In discussions with GRRMF my wife Julie and I already have a perfect girl named Dakota but we are thinking about being a foster home and it would be a” good thing to do”.

As we got the call that day- there was a perfect golden for our first foster- they were right- His name is Sampson and he is 8 years old. We hopped in the truck and met his foster parents and were glad to help. We told everyone we are going to be foster parents and keep him only until someone wanted to adopt him. A few days later we called GRRMF and told them this foster thing wasn’t going to work out for us- we need to adopt Sampson our selves.

As we spent three great years with Sampson he passed away October 28th, 2010 with cancer in the liver, kidneys and spleen. This was his third cancer. He got through bone cancer and cancer of the mouth but the third one was too much for him.

As we cry everyday in grief we try to focus on all of the positive things and joy he has brought to our life. The vacations, beaches, dog parks, shopping, restaurants and riding in the back seat of the truck with his head out the window. He loved to cuddle and follow Julie everywhere she went. We know we will be with him again someday and If it was only love that was needed, our Sampson would have lived forever!

As we received many cards and gifts from our family and friends, Sampson’s Grandma sent us an angel picture with the saying “I was sad to leave you but sickness I am free. See Mom and Dad- I have an angel watching over me”

Jeff and Julie Metzgar




It is with much sadness and a lot of tears that I am writing you to report the loss of my beautiful Golden Savannah.

My ex-husband and I adopted her in 2004. She has been my best friend for the last 6 years. She was always there for me providing unconditional love. She never expected more than I could give and was so loyal. I have often told people I'm not sure who rescued who. I have gotten so much more from her then I could have ever given her. She was so loving. Everyone she met fell instantly in love with her. It's unbelievable the number of lives she touched. She was supposed to have passed in June from Lymphoma but she was a fighter and kept holding on until I had to make the decision to let her go on August 26. I have had a very traumatic year and all my friends said she was holding on for me. I believe that's true.

I hope she is happy running, swimming and chasing lizards across the rainbow bridge and some day we will be together again. Thank you for allowing her to be a part of my life. The pain is unbearable, but I would never give up the life I had with her and the lessons I have been taught by her.

Thank You,

Karen Ray




I wanted to inform you and Golden Retriever Rescue that we had to put our sweet Cyanne to sleep on August 4th. Unfortunately, we were told that he had an enlarged heart and he started getting sick a few nights before we lost him.

Paul and I are doing okay, but during the short time we had him, we were so blessed to have him in our life. His sister Sago, is doing good. Of course she misses him terribly as they were together their wholes lives. We took her to have an x-ray of her heart and have some blood work done and everything turned out great.

I have attached a photo of him for you to see what a beautiful boy he was- I hope you have a good week Sandy. Thank you for everything that you do for Golden Retriever Rescue.


Catherine Hudleson & Paul Werden



Baylor & Maddie

It is with broken hearts and great sadness that we let you know of the the loss of Baylor (formerly Woofie of the Sarasota 23) on July 6th and of Maddie on August 6th of 2010.

Baylor had a stroke in April but recovered to about 95% which was incredible for us. However, arthritis was a constant problem for the last 4 or 5 years and we had him to the vet for a checkup when they found Intestinal Cancer. Old age is what took him from us before he had to suffer from the cancer and for that we will be forever grateful. He was an incredible dog. He was "Uncle Baylor" to over 100 foster kittens that we helped Safe Harbor with, never minding that they played with his tail and ears but often slept on top of him for their naps. He was also great help in cleaning their faces after their bottles :).

My granddaughter thought he belonged to her. She would take every baby blanket and kitchen towel she could find to cover him up like her baby, and all you would see move were his eyes as he watched her. He was truly a Velcro boy as he never stopped following me, which I loved.

Maddie was mis-diagnosed with a bacterial virus in her nose and after 3 weeks of treatment and no change, it was discovered that she had a malignant nasal tumor that was too far along for us to treat. Maddie was returned to GRRMF twice for not being "active" enough which was amazing to us as we had a birthday party with a water slide/bounce house two days after we adopted her and she couldn't get enough of the kids and adults playing in the water or pool. Every picture we have she is right in the middle of the party. Such a gentle girl and bonded right away with my husband, most definitely a daddy's girl.

Her cancer took her to the point of not being able to breath when sleeping so we had to make the awful decision to euthanize her.

We had almost 3 wonderful years with Maddie and 8 fabulous years with Baylor and want to thank you for all you do to save goldens. If not for you we wouldn't have had our "Oodles-of-poodles"


Bruce and Jill Lokay


Baylor & Maddie


I just wanted to let GRRMF know that COCO our Golden that we adopted in Nov. 2008 passed away from from cancer.

We are missing her very much. She was 11 when we she came into our lives and hearts. She passsed in her sleep and has made her journey over the rainbow bridge.

Bob and Connie Madigan


Marley (Selma)

It is with the heaviest heart that I have to tell you that my treasured Marley (formerly Selma) passed away on July 4, 2010 from cancer.

She tried so hard after surgery, but her body gave out after a week and she let me know it was time. My other rescue, Madison (formerly Jenny) and I miss her more than words can express, but she's in a better place now and we can't wait to see her again.

The first time I saw her on the GRRMF website in 2003, I knew Marley was special and when we met, we immediately bonded. Marley was my cuddle bug; happy to be hugged and loved on or just hung out at my feet, and loved wrestling a tug toy away from Madison.

I want to thank you for bringing Marley into my life and though we miss her terribly, Madison and I know how blessed we have been to have spent the time we had with Marley.

Best Regards,

Kathy Forde (Schlosky)