Shawna is a beautifully tempered nine year old female lover that has come to us with the “well intentioned” grace of her previous owner. We say well intentioned because that is what so many people believe they are offering when they allow a pretty and sweet girl of Shawna’s build to grow to 110 pounds! Woolf!Shawana

Regardless of her size and age Shawna still loves to play with stuffed toys and chase balls, albeit for short periods only. As she loses some of that excess baggage, though, we expect she will enjoy exercise even more and longer. Currently Shawna is on a proven green bean diet with absolutely no people food and no high calorie treats. Before you know it she will be sporting a sleek physique and a spirit that is raring to go!

“Perfectly behaved,” is how Shawna’s foster mom describes her. She tells us that Shawna gets along famously with their big dog, their little dog, and their kitten. As a matter of fact Shawna lets the kitten steel food at dinner time and never complains or shows the least sign of guarding or aggression. She is the perfect lady.

Well trained and very compliant Shawna has a great willingness to please. She is absolutely adorable and loves to be around all people and every person that meets her falls for her sweet temperament. Shawna is currently on thyroid medication, an inexpensive but critical therapy, which she will require for the rest of her life, but based on her loving personality it will be well worth the meager expense.

If you can't adopt a dog right now, please think about donating for Shawna's care!

At nine years Shawna is considered a senior girl – even though she may not act like it – and you may read about the joys of adopting a senior dog here: With her A+ in citizenship and her golden heart for love Shawna is going to make a wonderful addition to some lucky home. Please fill out an application and ask for Shawna!