They say eyes are the windows of the soul, and Sadie's eyes unveil a wonderful, sweet-natured lady.

Sadie is one of our Red Hat Ladies. At 12 years old, she is in overall good health. She only needs an inexpensive thyroid medication every day to keep her healthy. Sadie would do better if she's in a home with no steps to make it easier on her hips. Sadie loves people and is very docile and happy.

Shadow Sasha

Sadie gets along fine with other dogs, though high-energy little dogs make her just a little cranky at times. We understand, Sadie! But she doesn't hold a grudge--she just wants to tell those youngsters to have a little respect. She tries to keep up with her younger canine friends and enjoys just hanging with her people.

A typical Velcro golden, Sadie is happy wherever you are and would make a terrific companion. She's a perfect lady inside and out of the house. She'll make you smile and laugh and fill your heart with love! What more can you ask for? Do you have room in your home and heart for this sugar-faced girl? Let's get the party started--fill out an application today!