This lovely lady is Robin. At ten years old, she was found wandering the streets, alone, hungry and sad. Luckily Robin was found by some caring folks who took her in and tried very hard to find her owners. When no one came forward, GRRMF stepped in to take care of Robin's medical issues and find her a loving home.

Robin came to us with an ear infection and tapeworms which were quickly cleared up. She also has a little arthritis in her right hip, so she is taking a daily dose of Rimadyl to help with that. Like many senior dogs, she is on Glucosomine to help stave off any joint issues. Since Robin was overweight at 75 pounds, she is on the green bean diet and well on her way to losing the 10 or so extra pounds.

Robin Robin

Robin is like most of our senior dogs--easy to love, easy to care for. She knows how to behave at home; she does enjoy being invited on the furniture, but she doesn't counter-surf or chew inappropriate items. She loves to be with people and other dogs and soaks up the attention you bestow on her.

Won't you give an older gal a chance at a new life? Jack A soft bed, good food and some love and attention are all it takes to make Robin a happy girl. Robin is as sweet as they come and we think she deserves a great home. Is it your home?

Interested in adopting Robin? Please fill out an application today! Can't adopt right now, but want to help? Please make a donation so we can help more dogs like Robin.