Meet Red.  This handsome, muscular and fit eight year old male is ready for someone who loves to go on runs or long walks.  Red is an avid ball chaser and his retriever skills are at their highest level.  He even delivered his foster mom’s reading glasses to her one night when he noticed it was her computer time… no harm done.


When GRRMF takes in a dog, the dog automatically goes to the vet for a thorough health check up.  Red’s adjustment to kennel life was unsettling for him.  It became apparent he was used to a more solitary lifestyle.  The noises and comings and goings of other animals had Red in a reactive mode.  He was one frightened dog.  Red needed a quiet, less chaotic environment in order to adjust to his sudden change of lifestyle.  Alas, foster homes without other pets are few and far between.

With this in mind, it was also known that keeping Red in a kennel was likely to upset him more.  So, when an opening in a foster home became available, the call went out.  The foster said yes, but there was one HUGE drawback.  Three dogs and three cats resided in the foster home.  Would it be too much?  Red was welcomed into the foster home and has made a tremendous amount of progress.  Through careful monitoring, allotted breaks from the other animals, a regular schedule, and lots of love, Red is now on the way to being the best dog he can be.  There are occasional tiffs, but Red is adjusting to the rules of the house which shows his adaptability.

Red Red

If you can't adopt Red right now, please consider a donating to GRRMF!

Red is a special dog that needs a home that will continue to help him learn to socialize with other animals.  He needs an experienced owner, preferably no other animals in the home, and no small children. The perfect home would be a quiet haven without a lot of activity.

Red’s dream for himself is a forever person who is dedicated in helping him continue the progress he’s already made in a very short time.  Red will reward his new person with an undying loyalty, his head laying in your lap in adoration, partnership on your evening runs, and the never ending desire to please you.  Is your heart as Golden as Red’s?