Here’s the latest news on  “Mr. Howell” – one of our dogs featured in our summer fundraiser -

In June a 9 year old golden was found wandering down Howell Branch Road in Orlando. GRRMF took him in.  He went to the vet for evaluation and was found to be heartworm positive.  Mr. Howell was placed in a loving foster home.  Mr. Howell initially did very well, except for passing lots of unconventional things (stones, 4 latex gloves, a plastic bag, and several paper towels), which he apparently ate while wandering because he had no food.  He had quite an unconventional appetite as he has attempted to chew the TV remote, the computer mouse, a hand towel, a camera – probably because he was starving.  His upper 6 and lower 6 front teeth are worn down to the gum and his bottom canine teeth are split from top to bottom, almost in half.  So it seems he's possibly spent his life chained or caged, obviously never taught what was inappropriate to chew and Lord knows how long he was straying and learning to supplement his meals - if he had any - pretty much on his own.  Mr. Howell also had terrible skin and experienced a seizure requiring emergency treatment.

Well, Mr. Howell’s life has really turned around.  He is doing great! Most of his health issues have been taken care of or are under control.  His ear and skin infections took close to 8 weeks of treatment.  All the bare spots on his body, including the top of his tail, are now covered with a full coat of fur and his ears are clear and healthy.  He has had no seizure activity at all since starting phenobarbitol, an inexpensive seizure medicine, which he takes daily.  He is also on medicine to help the mobility of his rear legs and he is doing well on it. 


We appreciate all the donations for the Dogs of Summer. Please continue to donate so we can help dogs llike them all year round!

He is quite a needy boy and really loves his people.  He is the classic Velcro dog. Actually, he ranks right up there with being one of the most Velcro dogs we’ve had in a long time.  He follows his foster mom everywhere, constantly looking to make sure she is there.  Is there any wonder why when he was left on his own for so long? He walks well on leash and rides well in the car.  He gets along with other dogs but he kind of ignores them.   For Mr. Howell, it’s all about his humans. Since he came into rescue with a belly full of unusual items, he has taught his foster mom to be a bit more tidy around the house since he gets a kick out of eating 'things'.  Paper items are a gourmet delight in Mr. Howell's eyes and fair game if left laying around.  His foster crates him when she leaves the house and he’s fine with that.

Mr. Howell’s forever home will have to be diligent about keeping him away from paper and things he might eat. His ideal home will love the constant companionship of a golden.  If you need a constant faithful companion, Mr. Howell is the dog for you.  Thank you to all of you that have donated towards Mr. Howell’s care!